Snow bug

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Snow seems to be glitching into my house though the roof that is made of stairs. I think it’s not detecting stares as a proper conceled block. Idk wether anyone else knows about this, just thought it be best to report it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep the problem will be the way you have chiseled your roof essentially making it no longer waterproof. It’s the same way that liquids and light work too, that’s how people are able to make clean lighting from behind walls and floors.

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Winter is hard in our Oortiverse :wink:

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Snowbugs! Call terminex

You could double up the blocks on the inside or outside to stop that. Of course one of the layers would have to be left whole.

Not exactly the same as light, snow goes through a “half slab” too. At least glass, not sure about other blocks.

edit: Wait does it work so that everything that’s lit by sunlight gets snow too? But full glass blocks do block snow :thinking:

I have a bunch of woodenblogs as topping. But the snow goes still through. >.>

.> Not sure yet what to do… but this … should be fixed?

Glass panes let snow go thru

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Yeah, I loved glass panes when they came out, but then was frustrated when I would come back to see my house full of snow. When they added the full size glass block that are able to be chiseled, I was overjoyed.

Full glass blocks stop snow?

Yeah, because it’s a full block. Even chiseled to half thickness, it still stops snow.

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I’m necroing this topic to ask, are glass panes still not stopping snow?
Are devs going to fix this for Oortmas 2020?

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Glass panes stop snow.

Unless they’re at max alt in which case they don’t block snow.

Don’t worry the devs know.

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Ah, good, thank you. The max alt thing is still an issue, though, for sure.
IMHO, they should entirely re-do the snow effect to be less intrusive, it’s borderline idiotic because it ruins the aesthetic of builds… in a game which is half-centered around building things…

Anyway, with this information, I can make a design decision regarding a ceiling I wanna make. ^^