Snowball Hunt in 10 minutes @ 9pm EST

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Lacuna will be hosting a Group Snowball Hunt Friday, @ 9pm EST 22 hours from this post. All are welcome to join, the more the merrier!

I would love to see things like snow forts :slight_smile:


TNT Hub - Storiss II Portal. - Meet ,literally, right below the portal exit.
PS Hub Gravidias - Lacuna Portal - behing the Boori Portal.
NEW Portal from DK’s Mall - Lacuna - Storis II-

I’ve got a big sign to meet in front of. Hope to see some people there! Lacuna Residents will be there for sure.


I was hunting Snowballs last night and had a rough time going Solo.

I bet we can Rock these Meteors as a group!

gathering now for anybody interested

I might catch up with you all in half an hour or so, some chores to take care of first, Which planet will you be hunting on? Storis I assume?

2 of us here 8:57pm…

So sorry!!! Im having internet problems. I was literally standing there minutes ago