Snowball Meteor Tips

I know some are asking for a re-balance, but figured it would be handy to have a spot where people can post all their tips and tricks for the event as-is for now… and then it can be adjusted if there is a re-balance to the event.

My few tips from doing about 20 meteors now successfully. These are for me solo, so might need adjusted if in a group.

1 - Since the meteors trigger similar to regular ones when you enter the center of a region. Go to a planet you haven’t done much region exploring on, or if you have an alt that mainly stays around your base, take them out and explore regions (this is what I did). As you find the center of the regions make a location marker for that spot to make warping there later easier for meteor triggering. Once you have most or all of the region centers marked you can just warp to them and watch the sky and see if it triggers a meteor… I don’t think it will if someone has been there recently… and then rinse repeat till you trigger one.

2 - The meteors last a while, so don’t rush in… wander around the outside edge a minute and find a spot that will be easier to see the spitters but also has some barriers or maybe a hole that you can use to your advantage to avoid their shots.

3 - Take your time and try to just engage a couple of spitters at a time, pulling them away from the portals that spawn from to engage / kill them. Use barriers and move around a lot while continually throwing snowballs their way even if you are not sure you are hitting them.

4 - Put snowball stacks in both hands, and make sure you are starting with full smart stacks before starting the meteor so you want have to reload during the fight. Easy enough to make more, so restock after each meteor and don’t be shy using them… just let em fly and might get in some hits that you did not even mean to (i.e. if you can’t see the spitter well)

5 - (I think) 9 hits is all the embarrassment you can take, but they wear of pretty quickly so once you are done killing a couple of spitters, move away a bit and let your embarrassment run down to 0 before engaging more of them to be safe. Even in the middle of a fight, if you get up in the 6 or 7 hits range its better to run and avoid a bit to let it wear down then re-engage.

Using these methods I have only failed 2 attempted meteors. Completing them solo tends to take about 5 mins for a lvl-1 and 8-10 mins for a lvl-2 and overall I have seen between 2 and 6 red canes per meteor plus all the other stuff.

Others that have tips / tricks, please feel free to add to this thread.


Solo is best with T1 and T2 unless you are like super spec. T3 can happen but will take much longer and then be sure to have a good spot to shoot from with lots of protection. A bit above ground is good so the Elite mobs cannot jump up to you. Worse case run around and try to get them all in a group and then work them down slowly. If you get hit too many times definitely pull back.

I’d try to keep the T1/T2 to get better rewards. I’ve had cases of 1 cane for a T3. I’ve had ok rewards too for all levels but the time investment for T3 is a real pain. Non-solo might be best for this event.

Iv only done 4 meteors so far on t1 lasaina. All I can add is power, dexterity, agility and maybe 1 or both of the jump skills and damage epic, not sure if power/damage makes a difference just imagine it would.

You can also bring a hammer and make holes under portals so they are trapped. Don’t like it on regular hunts but get the 3x3 during event sense takes longer to kill with a snowball. Drink a fast brew you will throw double handed snowballs even faster

this and make sure your character has 8 points in dexterity (I think it is) for max action speed. No other stat point helps you kill snow spitters any faster.

Dodge, don’t stand still.

Watch your debuff stacks, and hide behind obstacles if they are getting up too high.

Like someone said before, it’s not a race against time to beat them.

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If you are going solo or with a low leveled group, drink Reviver Brews… they’re super cheap and you can res yourself without losing the meteor if you die.

Also, in a low level group one person can dig in if needed so that they don’t die while the other person or persons finish the meteor. Since you don’t get revive sickness it really doesn’t matter if you die… unless you are solo and can’t revive.


Can snow mobs be killed with lava or drowning…? Maybe grapple them into lava pits?

no unfortunately falling damage doesn’t work and the mobs solidfy water the walk over turning it to glacier… haven’t tried lava… but I believe they probably solidfy that too. You would need to be in a beaconed area to place the lava anyway… so probably not even an option.

Making 3x3 holes under the portals helps


Just did a quick video of a solo snowball meteor fight. Less than 5 minutes from triggering to done, got 5 red canes from it though they didn’t show on the loot log but were in inventory (guess there was too many different loots to all show up on screen log)

Second video of a solo level 2 meteor fight. Had one spitter stuck under the meteor so had to dig it out to kill. In the end still took about 9 minutes.

there is also a cleansing brew that you can drink to help clear the debuffs

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@krollbar - Snow spitters will turn liquid water into glacier and pop up on top of it. - so drowning is NOT an option
Lava can only be placed inside beacons - seems like alot of extra work when you need avoid being hit at all.

I haven’t tried these yet, but crafting a batch now for tomorrow’s meteors just in case things go bad.

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You can hold mouse button to rapidfire. No need to tap.
Put snowballs on both hands then drink speedbrew and hold both mousebuttons/ whatever ps4 uses.

=Machine Gun

  1. Dual Wield the Snowballs
  2. Dexterity 8/8, All Attributes 5/5, Agility 8/8 + a decent amount of energy (you can do be ‘maxxed out’ at about level 20ish?)
  3. Bring Bombs to bomb out holes beneath the portals, this is faster than AoE hammering as the portals can be offset slightly and mobs can land on the edges - so bombs are best
  4. Strafe. Never stay still, spitter predict your movement, so keep going back and forth to ‘duke’ them out :slight_smile:
  5. Mega Fast Brews (or whatever you can afford)


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Does luck effect on cane amount you get ?

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It wouldn’t effect Red Canes, but there I a chance hat it could effect Green ones? Would need to be tested, can’t remember how many I got with my full luck

Higher level mobs seem to have a chance of dropping multiple green canes. Not sure if it happens on the lower levels or not but I’m sure I was only getting 1 at a time. On T5 I was occasionally getting 2 per mob.