So, do I have this right?

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You’ve released a RNG gated content update where one of the few ways to make things grow faster is(edit) ‘fertilizer’ liquids which only spawn on non-regening exoworlds, meaning that there is an entire seed type and fertilizer type not accessible.

Furthermore, the first exoplanet had such a tiny amount of primordial oil on it (0.2% IIRC) and it was mined out in 15 minuets.

In addition, that source of primordial oil does not regenerate the stuff.

So if we want to play with fertilizer we have to wait some weeks-months for a new exoplanet with primordial oil to come out and hope it comes out while we are online, because it won’t last more than 15m.

what you mean by that because this is not how it works for seed return on farmed crop.

fertilizer are used to boost up the time of your crop so they are not necessary to grow crop.

Fertilizer speeds up maturing it does not increase the seed yield or crop yield.

Edit: Sorry @Gorillastomp posted before I saw your edit.

40 minutes. (your point still stands)

I have lots of fertilizer for sale if you’re needing it :sweat_smile:

EXO planets come out every week. There not rare at all. So won’t be waiting to long. Oh look another EXO who would have thought. Time to get that resin.

There’s no primordial in the new planet according to the resource tab

Isn’t this one of the things the community was clamoring for? A super rare resource that could be exploited? Not everyone is going to be able to easily obtain some things without having to put in the effort to either get it first, or spend the coin to buy it at high demand prices. Thats… that’s the realest thing this game has to offer.


The only reason why I want the new liquids is to build ^^ farming crops… take your time the amount of resources i have to gather will be huge. To fill in all my “future farming grounds and keep them going.:joy:

Liquid source blocks are not regenerated by regen bombs?
That sounds like a bug to me, since they are blocks and not resources.

Primordial is a resource.

Good to know thx

The blocks from my understanding are considered resources.