So, how did farming change the game for you?

For me it changed in the way of more work to get resources i Need to continue playing.
I have yet to determine if it is Breaking it for me.

How About you?

Well… its too early to say… but this will deffo help all shopkeepers who can keep stands stocked.
Basic things like example bark is not easy anymore to get.
Prices will raise… when people use their hoarded stuffthey collected before update.

How is bark not easy to get? :thinking: It still comes from trees, and if you want to make it from Kranut the ratios aren’t so bad either…


The new lighting update makes me quit.
The end.


Sorry to hear that. You will be missed.

For me it made the game much better than it already was, more immersive, more diversity in gameplay. Big thumbs up from me :+1:


They’re still working on some fixes for the lighting. Seems preemptive to quit before the tweaks are all done, hope that you decide to stay


For me I fill the grind is get to me now☹️

I have been waiting for the farming and so excited that it’s finely here BUT for me it just fill like more grind.

I’m not looking for ten drops per plant but one drop per plant is a bit of a disappointment for me.
I arranged my plantation so I got 110% seed return and all I got was one drop per plant.
I got the same results with the same plant with 238% yields and 90% seed (not something to shout about.)

I’m a single player and for the amount of resources I have to get just to make a nice size plantation area is to much. Just not enough time in the day.
It just take to much time to do things ie machine times gathering times / my love is already telling me I spend to much time playing that dame game :grimacing:

I fill this will push me to the end shame it is a very nice game with awesome people in it . :pensive:


This here too… gives me even more to do, more projects to work on. Many of my favorite games I take breaks from occasionally, but I just don’t see that happening with Boundless - there is such a diversity of things to do, the best parts of Minecraft and NMS in one. I could easily spend years doing everything I’ve brainstormed.

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For my part I was disappointed to see how seeds % work for most plants, It break the game for me… the only thing I like is placeable liquids. I also don’t like how some blocks look like now, for me it may be the patch that make me stop playing the game, I really thought farming would be more like Minecraft where everytime you harvest you increase your farm size

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have not been able to get to farming just yet, but ill get there sometime, i got other things to focus on in game before i focus on that

I haven’t made my farm yet, but I did go to exosplanets, and the liquid not being regenerative makes it disappointing. Also exotic Eastham seeds are extremely hard to find. In the knowledge tab says level 4 planet but only one is circapous. Wish we had regenerative liquid, and more seed bearing plants.

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Why is back not easy to get anymore.

Bark I mean.

I should have read your post before posting, because it’s exactly the same thing with me,… Having almost 0crops juste yo be able to get back 1seeds …or 1.1 seeds in best circonstance and it’s not possible to get more than 95% seeds on goo…

The reason it’s like this is to prevent immediate exponential growth, flooding the markets and making every produce essentially worthless because there are too many of them.

Goo is a completely different crop to most… the reason being is that you mutate them, using gleam, to change their colour. This process has a chance to fail, destroying the seed. However, once you have mutated to you desired/required colour, you can replant the Goo on sponge and achieve up to a 350% crop of pigment. Those pigments can then be further mutated/mixed, in the pigment processor, to make even more colours (with up to 24% additional output if using power coils).

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So first get the color on gleam, then on sponge for the coop to make paint. Won’t it take on the color of sponge. I’m confused.

No, only gleam changes it’s colour

There is also no need to mutate the colour if you don’t want to. You could just save the pigments and mix with other colours to make new ones

Ohhhh thankyou.

I think the inorganic farming is what really sells me on this update. The lighting changes are great, the irrgation is awesome, but inorganics are huge. Being able to change goo to get different colors, having super fuels, and generally trying to maximize yields is fun for me.

I really hate that I’m seeing so many people leave over the lighting or grind, as the game will always change and evolve. As an MMO and based on the core vision of the devs, it’s SUPPOSED to be hard or time consuming at the very least to do everything in the game. That shouldn’t discourage you guys. Just find something that you love and stick with it!

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