So I was on a hunt and

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I hit some invisible quicksand when the chunk didn’t load in properly. I did submit the game logs, but I figured I would try and put it here in case someone else has had the same issue. It fixed itself when I grappled out.

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I thought the video was going to show your character sinking into the sand or something like that, judging by the video title.

How many game logs did you submit? I can see a couple of them a few hours apart.


Just the one.

I submitted another later about getting stuck in a chiseled spot.

But in the video I called it quicksand because I was trying to jump, but I was stuck in the ground.

I can see a report where the message described walking through the floor. Does that ring a bell?

Yep. That’s the one.

Thanks for confirming, I’ll add it to the bug database for a software engineer to check if there’s any useful information in the game log.

As a side note, there have been various reports of this happening, but usually players could not reproduce it a second in the same area. You might be one of the very few (or perhaps the only one to date) players who submitted a game log when this was occurring.

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