So someone has been spamming leaves and dirt

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Just fyi. someone has been going around making long rows of leaves and griefing someones build near SolaHub on munteen stretching all the way past Ultima Portal Hub


i think the regen bombs will go a long way to take the wind out of blowhards like this.


I assume it isn’t plotted? If not maybe the community can try to stay away for a day so it auto-regens…

Well if someone who has paid for the game has the time or inclination to bother doing that…good for them, and I welcome regen bombs/natural regen, with open arms :stuck_out_tongue:


Some is right outside my plotted area, but the very last picture looks like they placed blocks on the unclaimed area above that person’s plot. Most of the blocks placed is around that person’s build.

Why don’t you ask James to look who did that.

The game records every block placement so the DEVs can look that up in the logs !

wait, you mean nice solid stretches of leaves on a T3 world?! grabs his nearest axe


They most likely will only do this for ban-able offences.

Think creeper with saddlebags


This is a non issue all that stuff will simply regenerate…

How do we know this isn’t a real life friend messing with his real life friend bye doing silly things…
Certainly nothing to get worked up over… Unless of course the owner himself says
“OMG someone boxes in by building everyday with gravel this has to stop”

But walking across and being an outsider looking in, well who knows whats going on but it certainly doesn’t
warrant ban’s or even a post…


Traffic within 8 blocks in less that 8-11 hours will keep regen from working.

Additionally, people acting in an offensive or intentional disrespectful way deserves to be talked about. Just because most areas in the Internet lets people act any way they please due to no repercussions does not mean this game should have that same standard of action without responsibility.

Lastly, just because something doesn’t warrant “importance” in one person’s life does not mean it isn’t “important” in another. Everyone should respect the views of others.


Well, it was around Sola’s property too.
Making a post about this shouldn’t be an issue, people shouldn’t be doing this purposefully around people’s plots and there should be something to discourage this or else we will just have random structures littered everywhere, annoying people.
Granted it will all regenerate, which is great, but it’s an inconvenience nonetheless.
I agree with what @Xaldafax just said (put it better than me lol)


No one is calling for a ban. The leaves are placed right outside of my claimed plots which I and probably others use regularly and is within an area that does not regen due to that, and stretches all the way down past other users plots. I simply made this post to call attention to this behavior. I’ve included location so you can go see for yourself.

and how do we know it isn’t a friend? To assume it is, you have to be able to assume the opposite.

So I’m sorry I took the initiative to make the community aware of this “non-issue” that occurred outside of my plots.


That’s an awful lot of work, even for griefing. That’s a weird level of dedication that I may never understand.


I propose one more theory base on those pictures…

Leaves is a nice long walk way to shoot wildstock from…
the gravel is layers of traps and a tower to again kill mobs from…
the gravel on the roof is more height to move around and get a better angle on the mobs then the roof was…

So could this person who live here simply be a hunter?!? Or a person attempting to level his character via hunting…

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yeah i had same problem on berlyn someone build a wall all around my portal hub there feom all 6 sides. with 4 layer thick wall :confused: that was not nice.


I mean, there’s no way you would need dense towers like that, or such a huge wall. This would be a feasible explanation of there was the odd sheltered area. Towers on a flat area are definitely not required, and they would need to be higher to make any difference.
This theory just doesn’t quite make sense due to the scale and density of everything.

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I have to agree this does not seem incidental. Actually looks like a lot of work went into it… (not necessarily thought)

Possibly this was an attempt to grief a player / plot(s) but it seems quite extensive from the pics (can’t get online to check atm).

Possibly a new strategy to level a builder using a teaching pie and whatever rubble you can place (I’d advise building a leaf floor and then just a 1 plot tower of dirt/mud so you can dismoint safely if this was the reason - simply to ease regen and lower the number of griefer bells going off)

Possibly someone did this just to see if they could get their creation on the forums (win)

Possibly none of the above, someone’s 4 year old survived what seems to be an epic trek across munteen.

I’m a huge fan of peaceful, prosperous co-operation and general basic courtesy. That being said, this type of activity may be severely frowned upon but is implicitly allowed via the game mechanics. In all fairness this may upset us but I can’t really justify a mass craft of the exclusive pitchforks for this one.

Heck, it might even be a “crop-circle” hoax to pull a couple of tourists through the hub to come and have a look! In any case, if this gave the creator a “sense of pride and accomplishment” then boundless has made at least 1 person’s day with this :slight_smile:

I’ll be on later to contribute with “active regeneration” in high traffic areas.

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Are you sure we should not be crafting pitchforks?


Don’t craft pitchforks, people…

…BUY THEM, AT HAVOK40K-MART! 2 for one special this week only!


that seem fishy better “leave” it alone lol :smile:

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