So that just happened

Hey all.

So my 6 year old plays this game with me and he forgot to power up his beacon ( I should have paid more attention as well).

So we notice this guy in our base last night. .

He plotted next to my boy so my gf and i were like, hey cool. Some new player is coming to play with us.

Wake up this morning… and there are merely remnants of my sons base. He is going to be devastated when he finds out.



I don’t wanna see him be super upset over it so I think I am going to just try replicating it before he gets home from school.

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Sorry to hear that, @Lt-Indecent, but it’s the nature of the beast. Hopefully you can recreate his home before he finds out!

Oh, and I’d remove the name of the person from your post. It’s against the CoC to name and shame.


Ok cool I didn’t realise that, I removed his name.

Lol Maybe its a good time to teach him a life lesson and get him to rebuild on his own account for a xmas present.


That sucks, though it is an increasing vocation, beacon pirate!

To be fair to the pirate in question, I would like to think (hope) they didn’t know it was a kid.

I’m sure that I have a stash of refined stone kicking about I would happily donate to your kid, if it helps?

I’ll be at New Leyden Market on Gellis (access from Gellis Prime) this evening 8pm UK, if you want to take em.


Some of you missed that part above.

Why do you all keep accusing other ppl for bad intentions. Regeneration in this game can eat up the whole build over the night and if someone would plot it, why would anyone immediately ruin an expired beacon? Was it made out of super expensive blocks that a 6 yrs old crafted or what?

I’ve taken over lots of abandoned plots and a few hours miss often meant there was not much to take, cause of the aggressive world regen.

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Maybe, what would be telling is if the visitor was still there!

If they arrived just before the beacon expired and then gone after, with only the crappy blocks left, then it’s not unreasonable to assume that they raided the beacon and left the junk to rot.

Could be wrong but seems like a reasonable assumption.

Either way, still sucks for the kid and I’d like to help if I can.

some refined woods for the top, not refined for the bottom. There was small value to it. I just think the plot twist of it is funny because I was hoping id have a new player that attached to us so I could help him out, lol. I hooked up up with Titanium gear and stuff with slight forging on it for durability and a bit of damage but , not the end of the world. I am sure he didn’t know it was a 6 year old’s base either. More of a facepalm on my end.

May i suggest building his creation in your beaconed plots so you just have to watch your own?
I do this with my husband. I mostly just own the “yard.”

That’s true and I think if I had his plot on my location list it would have warned me.

I just plotted an expired becon 5 minutes ago. Quite big, about 80+ plots. It went off not more than 2h ago and the whole top already looks like a mad troll would have been messing there. Most of the top roof is missing.

If you have multiple plots and need a comfort of not having to watch them over, sign in to a Gleam Club.

Not disputing that, however it doesn’t change my statement:

Apologies for quoting myself, narcissist much :roll_eyes:

Would you have noticed the beacon died before it all disappeared? If the pirate didn’t get it, it would all despawn and no one would benefit at all, maybe even while you’re sleeping.

Your best bet would be to put up a sign and offer a price for it all back for when he comes back and checks what happened. He will. I know I have :wink: