So what are you doing while waiting for Sovereign Worlds?

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So I am curious what everyone is doing while waiting for Sovereign worlds. I have been amassing resources and waiting before building any more. What about you guys?

  • Waiting on Sovereigns to build more and doing nothing.
  • Waiting while doing other things.
  • Waiting and mining for building supplies for my sovereign world.
  • Don’t care about them still building as normal.

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@majorvex @PrincessMaude there ya go!

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Yesterday, I blended in perfectly with a wildstock herd on flan. For like, 20 min.
I need content.


I know the feel!

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Building and building and distracting myself from impatience and excitement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am past the point of being able to distract myself. This update feels like it is taking FOREVERRRRRRRRR!

We need @bucfanpaka to do a mega dance and offering to the developer gods!


Better yet lets all go on strike :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Oh I couldn’t haha! I have too much to do :grin:

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I am here to recruit you!

  • Harvey Milk

Houches is ma sov planet lol


It’s funny. I may have put myself in a spot to not get a rental world after assuming I would. I spent weeks harvesting and doing ‘things’ to tide me over until rentals opened and then couldn’t take it anymore and decided to build what I thought would be a ‘gateway’ to my rental home when I found my spot…THE spot and I’m so darn happy here…I find myself not thinking in rental terms. Instead I’m spending that money on cubits to buy more plots lol!


… Yeah, I’ll just bug 'em til they cave, that worked pretty good with my parents as a kid. :laughing: :pleading_face:

Hears far-off echo of devs faces hitting their desks and palms…

PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE?! *Dance, beg, plead, cajole, pester…

Paka dodges three incoming meteors

MISSED ME! :stuck_out_tongue:

… Er, well, maybe we can at least get a weekend T7 while we wait here? :pleading_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought I was waiting for sovereign worlds, but as I have been waiting I’ve come to realize that what I am craving is new content, new things to do (donjons, group activities other than hunting), and more colors. Sovereign might only help one of those things. And even then, it could take quite a while for them to do so.
So now I just try to bring my old town up to date and do some aesthetic changes around town


I agree… I kinda feel if your bored and are waiting on rental planets. Your going to be bored in short time after you get one. It will be still the same just a different planet. I really hope there is a lot of changes to mechanics and creatures, and their behaviour patterns. Releasing non aesthetic looking exo so we can have new colours. We know that the skins will be awesome. But how long will that keep everyone excited. I prefer new game changing content rather than a rental planet. I already got 50 planets to build on…


Would like your comment 10 times if I could!


Downsizing to move to my creative world and build nova. Working on a biitula tree fort for now.

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Literally only leading hunts and crying at the forge.


Doing a lot of cave work :sweat_smile:


Im suprised so many don’t care about Sovereigns! I would have thought that would have been the least picked. Which is why I asked lol wasn’t sure what the numbers would be.

Maybe some of the people who don’t care about Sovereigns are people who are patiently waiting for Creative instead?

Personally, I’ve been having a lot of fun while waiting for the new planet types. I’ve played some Dishonored 2, Castle Crashers and Civ 6 (so… yeah, not much Boundless in that list :stuck_out_tongue:).