So what happened on Eresho

It’s a struggle to find more than 2-3 players online at the same time on a good chunk of our planets, and yet here we are rubbing up against each other :joy:

I hope there is a win-win solution that makes everyone happy at some point, because this isn’t what Boundless is all about. Nobody is right or wrong, we just be.


I know one way to solve some issue. Back up to just controlling buffers along enjoy and not solid plots. That will break that connect and give them some space. They have used their land nicely and deserve some compromise.


I thought you’d say they should duel it out in the bomb arena. Best of 7.
How about that. Lol.


That there is respectful. I second this.


What prestige war are you talking about>?

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Hey guys, I’m the owner of Lotus Knights aka
-LK- we are NOT, I repeat NOT at a prestige war with anyone. We simply wanted great city status. We are a no body guild with a couple guys from PlayStation that play together. I’m not sure why we got brought up in this conversation. You can easily go to our location and look at what we have for a build. Yes we have a long road but we also have players that wanted to make a great city.


Must of been some assumptions (assume) for this thread to be even made!


As I’m the OP I can tell you I made no assumptions. I asked what happened and if people were forced merged. And this is the first time someone from LK has commented on this post. But I do recall some stuff on another planet with the well never mind. Maybe @AeneaGames feels like talking about that again :sweat_smile:

@FireAngelDth Seems Your irrelevant and your just trying to poke old history that have nothing to do with what you started this thread with.

Facts and positive criticism is always welcome but to start with this nonsense you just did and craving attention by jelly-belling your post is just plan wrong.

If you want to go there I can assure you will have my attention.


This is a contradiction, if nobody wants the PVP they wouldn’t be doing PVP.
I can accept that you think this system is a problem. I can also accept that you think that the developers did not intend to turn this mechanic into something PVP and it is the players who are doing it.

But the reality is that this game has been announced implying that we could conquer and create empires, that is, in this game we had no limits and not only could cooperate, but also compete with others and build our empire.

You can remove the prestige system or change the system of cities and players who have come to this game also looking for the PVP, they will continue looking for it and if there is no planet or system for the PVP, they will invent it, and they will do the PVP in another system although it is not designed for that.


I wasn’t really trying to prove facts or anything. I was making a general statement since a large majority of the people in this game since EA have not wanted any PVP mechanics.

Yes people that enjoy conflict or have a low self esteem with a need to prove something or even those that just enjoy competition will always find a way to introduce some player versus player scenario into the game. It is unfortunately part of a large swath of humanity’s psychology that they cannot mature out of their old conflict patterns and move into a mindset of peace and support.

Even though some people will try to introduce it or hijack another system to create it the developers can still put game models in that make it hard for them or contains no inherent incentive to do such a thing. A few tweaks in the current models and you can greatly lower the current conflict mechanics.

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Myself and everyone I know mostly want pvp.

For now try out dodge bombs.


And me too :sweat_smile: In addition, I also think that developers do not dislike PVP, if not, it would be easy to appear during any of these usual discussions about undercover PVP and declare that PVP will never be an option in this game, but they don’t. Nor have they changed the advertising of the web, they continue to attract more players who may be looking for PVP as an option within the game.

Nor is PVP prohibited in the Code of Conduct explicitly, only abuse, harassment…, leaving the door open for this to happen and leaving the right to decide on a case-by-case basis. I think it is not necessary to say much more.

With these rules, you might consider that if while not committing the abuse of locking it up or creating death traps, etc. if only plotting and build is not out of the rules, so it is allowed. The rest are opinions of individual players, some speak for themselves and others on behalf of a theoretical undetermined majority :wink:.


Yeah I know birds of a feather stick together and many in this game like to just try to diminish common views for their own self interests…

Consistently and historically a majority of people that are interested and play in Boundless do not prefer PVP: Pvp poll versus the smaller group that does. This was the trend in EA and it continues to be the trend.

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Yeah, because if people start to see prestige ass this kind of e-peen waving, that’s when shite goes downhill very fast, and rivalries start brewing. We’ve seen this spill over on the forums before, and that can break a community quite fast.

We need comradery as a community, not conflict.

I’d love to be able to designate plots or entire beacons as PvP zones.

Obviously, I’d suggest a “timer” that counts down before you get marked for PvP, and another that counts down after leaving the area, but is instantly removed by a portal.
This would hopefully curb the whole chance of people cheesing the PvP marking.

It would also give people a chance to get out of the zone, in case they don’t want to be part of PvP.

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Real problem is overcrowding. There are simply not enough planets in the game and it has been like that for a long time.


I don’t think Overcrowding is the underlying issue, to be honest. I don’t know the exact number of players, but it ain’t massive.

Oh why i missed that post?

I was not reading all entirely, but i got some points that was mention by several people:

#1 As for Prestige War: Hash did not talked about LK in this case, just to defend @KushChapo
When we started to build the new Ultima HQ at Eresho, there was nothing big.
Well not entirely true, LaFamilia was there with a smalller City, maybe 7 Million Prestige and i am still sorry, that they decided to move, because they could not compete. But i hope they are okay with us in this case meanwhile :wink:
But we started to plan that new Ultima Network, it has took much nerves from us for several reasons. The Mainreason was, that we had to open it way to early.That was a big mistake, because many people came and wanted to have “a piece of cake”.
I bet, nobody of them would have builded there big, if we would not have moved to there.
Following to that, we had indeed a very obvisious “prestige war” running, a war, we never participated.
More than that, i was talking so many times with this people to explain, why we won’t do that and why we are not able to compete. But people did not cared about.
I just got said: “We just love to build”, “Why you not build also?” “Why people don’t align?”

There we come to
#2 Why Ultima Network will not be able to compete?
Thats simple as it is, Hash told already: We have 50 Planets to connect and to care for that.
Yes you could now say, “Hey other Networks do same, why they have more Prestige in their towns?”
My Answer: Because they are more people, they have their HQs not moved, they don’t own the Planetary Gates, Just the Mainhub (like TNT). And no, we are not masses on people at Ultima.
Ultima is NOT a big guild. Maybe one of the oldest. But literally this guild was driven for some months just by 3 people. Yes we have people in our Guildbook, but to be honest, we are far away from being a real guild. Guilds like Portal Seekers, RTG, Fireborn, Illuminaughty, LK, just to name some of them, are way more like a group. Ultima is more like a pool of Solo Player.
Beside this, i am the worst player for Prestige.
I can build hours on a Plot (Like my Tree at Fireborn) and not even get 10k Prestige.
And do you know what? I don’t care, i will not change my building style just for showing, how good “i have understand to play that game.”

#3 What else in case of Prestige and Warden/Viceroy?
Yeah! We was setting up Eresho town with the sense of a Network, that means we don’t force people to align their Beacons to UG-NET. We wanted that every guild/people who comes in the Town has the possibility to drive under their own name.
Maybe we was a bit naive in this case.
We don’t mind, if people are Warden of the Big Town, because we will not be able to compete (as said above). All we wanted was that this Town is made as an “Ultima Network”.
But people decided to change the name, for reason “Because we can.”

That leads to
#4 Why opt-in/out will not help in case of Ultima?
As for UG-NET itself, it would be okay, not to join another settlement/big town.
But what it would mean?
We are in middle of this whole “problem”.
I doubt it is even possible to separate us, for reason of this sense i was describing above.
What would be the consequence? The whole town would be splitted up in many single pieces.
The renaming if the big town, “because the warden can do it” was leading to many many questions by people who not aligned their beacons to anyone: “Why i have to see each time i am loggin in the name “Hohoho Town” (or other names it was called). It is annoying, i thought i am a part of Ultima Network Town?”.

#5 Do we care and continue?
Yes thats the whole problem that we was facing and wasted hours to clear such stuff.
And it made me tired as hell.
And all we had to see all day things like “All your town belongs to us.” (as Big Town Name)
Did i cared? Yes, because i believed that people are polite. I was wrong, so damn wrong.
Do i care now? Well with this post obvisiously, but in real, i don’t care anymore.
Do we continue? Yes, we will continue, as long we can somehow maintain the Hub.
But that is getting harder and harder each week.
Surely a main reason is the low player count in general in Boundless.
But a good piece of reason is, that people was leaving Ultima Eresho Town and their portals when we suffered by the prestige war.

#6 Last but not least
We are always open to talk to the people, to find solutions and arrangements.
IF people talk to us.
But for me personally it would be a great joy and the knowledge about that we get appreciated to maintain an entirely Network for so long time and in reason of the original sense of the Town to leave the Name of it (at least partly) that we are in Ultima Network.
Maybe lets look back to the early 2019 days again: You would more than likely not have a town there, if we not had decided to move there.

Lets look forward again. Soon we have 2020.
Hopefully it will come with many opportunities and a stable and loyal playerbase for Boundless.
Even i sound a bit angry in all of this case, i am not, i have my places to relax and just ignore the fact that some people probably want to see us going down.
The most thing i do is trying to spread love and understandings.
If more people whould do that, we could make the world better. :heart:

A small hint as last sentence: I am not against competition, it is okay to have such in a game, but i don’t like forced competition. :wink:

Ohh and i am needing to edit and add one more thing:
Big Thanks to many people in Boundless, who are always helpful, polite and loving it to play with other people. There are countless around that i could name and i am really appreciating your ongoing support. Much love for you in 2020! :heart:


I was there too. It was ugly to say the least, got to say though finding out who the leader of LK has certainly made my view on who did what a LOT more biased. Even after my very public falling out with @AeneaGames (oops) i have no doubt who started the problems there

Thread locked at OPs request.