So what is the maximum level?

Beeing lvl 100 and still getting xp…i wondered what is the max Level if the Devs could tell?

It’s supposed to scale infinitely


The maximum ‘useful’ level in terms of skills would be 100 I think, since after that all your three skill sets will have maximum points.

In terms of earning cubits and cleanse points, there’s no limit. You just keep earning more every 200k xp forever.


Race ya to lvl 1000!


I’m level 115 now, I hope they give us two more skill sets eventually… its annoying now I have to start leveling alts beyond 50 if I want to progress…

@Aridhol Why would you have to Level alts to Progress if leveling is infinite?

Because some players like to do all aspects of the game, and you need more than three full skillsets to be able to have all the skills.

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Yeah so I can only have 3 sets of 100 skill points on one character so beyond 100 all I get is cubits. Those are good, but if I want another spec or two I have to make a new character. It’s a bit of a hassle, not the end of the world.

I would much rather keep leveling my main character and getting more specs if it were possible


Should be able to get more skillsets on one character. I’ll never reach that point but it’d be nice to have the hypothetical option.


What I really want to know is what people are doing for fun and efficient leveling. Is everyone just doing the mine > craft > refine stone method? I’ve been playing since early access and still am only level 36 but I really haven’t stopped building to make a concerted effort to level up.

and ur main character is miner?

I do have an alt thats lv17.

Mining and hunting are my ways.
I keep mining everything on level 6 planets right now (many gem miners leave much of iron and fossils behind them which I collect while making own tunnels.) For example, breaking one large fossil gives about same amount of xp than one mass craft of rocks and melting ores doesn’t require hitting space 30 time per machine and when one node drops something like 6 iron it is about half of rock mass craft.
I feeding rocks to tables only sometimes now, it is really boring way to get xp when mining is for me much more fun :slight_smile: