So whats the deal with unlocking regions and triggering meteors? How do speed hunt platforms work?

I know meteors are triggered at random intervals when some one is on the plant near a region.
I also know they are triggered when a person opens a new region.
I know you open a new region by heading to the center of the region which is found by looking at the location at the top of the screen… ie if it says “West of ???” you head east…

But if stop at that point and bookmark this location shouldn’t i just be able to just warp back to this location and trigger a meteor if i take another player with me?

How do people setup speed hunt platforms find that exact location you need to warp others to in order to trigger meteors, anyone willing to share the secret?

I tried this my self, but not up in the sky does the height have something to do with screwing with the games distance check to the region center… i wonder if the region center is checked form 255 or 0 height…

Height is just to assist in spotting, it doesn’t affect the spawning process.

Crossing region boundaries is what causes spawning as I understand it


Sky or altitude or height doesn’t matter. Region center isn’t a single point but an area, so it is quite flexible. Basically choose a spot where you walk from a place that says “N/E/W/S of [region name]” right next to “[region name]”. Warp into the non-region center and during the hunt walk to the region center. You could save the non-region center location and use it even without making a platform.


Oh, okay thanks i`ll try that

Thanks this is what i needed, i used a beacon to identify a plot that was in one region and where the “line” i was looking for.