So, you walk into the doctor’s office

…check in, and go find a seat in the waiting area. The room is almost empty, except for some old dude across the way with a terrible cough. You head over to a quiet corner and plop down. A few moments later, another person enters the office, checks in, and finds a seat to wait… except, even though the place is almost empty, they meander over to the seat directly next to you and sit down.


I knew it was gonna happen. I expected it. But today it happened. While I was sleeping, someone plotted down next to my settlement and began building a gleam… structure… that totally clashes with my theme. I’m of course frantically placing plots all over (but not encircling!!!) the area, to… secure my future building area and “encourage” them to set up elsewhere.

People sure are strange. I’ll never understand them. A whole planet, and they choose there…


I tend to pre-claim all land around my house as far out as I can so no one can ruin my plans. Some people don’t understand personal space, or maybe he wanted to befriend you by forcibly placing his house next to yours and calling you “neighbor”. Who knows :rofl:


Were it a “house”, I wouldn’t mind. My settlement has several folks connected to it.

Yeah, I should have plotted the area sooner, and wider. Still, will, too. I kinda wanted to leave space for likeminded folks. Where’s the Galactic Neighborhood Association when you need them? :wink:

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That is something that I don’t understand. The wanting to place your new home near someone. My son and I, when we landed on Aldar looked around to see if anyone was close by, we couldn’t see anyone, climbed on a hill and couldn’t see any building in close sight, some far away, but not close. So he puts his beacon down, I go a bit away from him and place mine down. We immediately, as soon as we get more cubits place plots all in from, at the sides and the back to our base. Now that we have moved to another planet we have removed them all but the one with very small base with our beacon.
On TanaVII we again scouted, made sure we gave room to the two bases we saw. We are side by side, but that is different, we even had a door that we make to go back and forth. Someone moved in not real close, but we hurried and got more plots and I have them all around me, front, back, both sides and even three high in case I want to build up and one below. My son took the lake in front of our bases, covered over half of it and has built him a huge settlement size base. He has his tower in the center and made canals with walkways and will sell off plots around him later to those who might want to set up a shop there.
Lady who has a base on the other side of the lake built a bridge to walk across it, asked if we minded told her no, fine with us. There is plenty of room and it is obvious she is building in the opposite directions that we are. Just saves her walking around the lake and dealing with the spitters.
Why can’t others be like that, give plenty of room to others, not encroach on them?
What is a good size area to have to keep from encroaching on others and not have them encroach on you? 20 plots, 40, 50, 60 plots? Curious, I think I have just looking at what is on the ground, not above or below, 20-25 plots, not exactly sure.

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do u have a portal that ur neighbour is using now too? :smiley:

No, in fact there is a nice portal hub not too far from us, (whom I have anamicable relationship with) so I didn’t bother making portals. You would think this person would have moved closer to that hub.

Carelessly u say something nice in forum or picked a funny name: BAM! ur target on a potential friendship list and ur life is over …

On the hopeful side, I’m sure I’ll outlast many folks in the longevity game. I tend to stick to games like this for years, while I’m already seeing beacon after beacon burning out. It may be a few months, but eventually I’ll be tearing that structure down and be the proud owner of a bunch of gleam I’ll never use.

The number of eyesores I see grows everyday. I do my best to hide them by tricking perspective. Only so much I can do though.

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I don’t quite understand what you mean. Sorry.

was joking

Underground settlements are the way forward. If someone settles next to you and builds something ugly, you can put up a cave wall where the plots meet.


On a similar note, I considered building a giant wall to cover it up, but then there would be this big, overly tall, out of place, towering, ugly wall there instead, LOL.

I had a good chuckle when my buddy said in response to the wall idea, “what is it with you Americans and walls?” :joy:

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maybe u can ask him if he hires u as builder