Soft opening of the "Storis II Welcome Center"

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Indroducing the New Storis II Welcome Center!!
Soft opening, as some aspects require refinement but portals are open.

Here to provide help and opportunities for beginning players and the Greater Storis II Community.

We provide a Wealth of information geared for early level Citizens. Hosting a mixture of amenities for our residents to profit. With basic information kiosks on several factors of the game, this Welcome Center provides answers to many questions players frequently ask.

How to Level
How to earn Coin
Where to buy/sell
Where to find resources
Farm Portals - coming soon-
How to Forge
Daily Hunts -coming soon-
Dodge Bombs -coming soon-
Affordable Housing (free)temporary)) -coming soon-
Who’s who of Guilds and Malls
What is a portal network.
Weekly tours (of the universe) -coming soon-
3D Universe
Central planetary HUB
A Boundless community.
Access to the greater Universe.

I am most excited about the Affordable Housing Initiative. Small pre-built Quads around a maintained portal to the welcome center. Each of the 4 houses will provide storage, coiled machines, a community spark generator, Titanium Furnaces, freedom to expand and eye catching designs, but the catch is that you cannot remove or construct any of the structure. We will leave large opening in the back to allow for personal plotting and building either to expand or separate. Contracts will be a rough 3 month period, at which time we can renegotiate depending on demand. Players with similar levels will be encouraged to settle near other same level players, but ultimatly may settle where they like. If the district decides to overthrow the portal beacon…Cool, I will turn it over and allow the greater community to grow.

Shout out for LaQuest at GleamQuest in DK’s Mall for all that deco gleam!

Accessible from TNT and Portal Seekers into Lacuna Emporium. Then a Welcome Center Portal is along the Souther wall.

~open to suggestions…


Cool beans. Make sure to drop the coordinates.

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I am not a new player but I would like to check this place out, what portals would take me there?

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Updated OP with portal locations.

I would like to stress heavily many things are not at their end state. Right now, especially Prices in the guild shop. Im working hard to make it functional and will come back to makes things pretty or reasonable. Ill still be working on the build itself for another month at least.


I’d love to get this portal moved to the ground floor community builds zone if you would be ok with that?
Just to highlight it.


I would love to. I was planning on another week before I opened Major Portals, but we can discuss size and location.

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Sure just ping me here or discord when you are ready


Two thumbs up from me! Love it!!

A few quick questions;
Shortly after the new players land, how will they find their way there? Will you be out scouting for campfires and wood huts? How will they know it even exists if the aren’t in the forums?


I have 4 portals spread out on the planet to “catch” wandering souls.

Also, I have almost every item on storis in a shop stand. If they learn to search the buy/sell menu in the knowledge tab they will see a listing for the Welcome Center, thus at least introducing it’s existance.

Also, I plan to OFFER every beacon on the planet a permanant portal (fueled is irrelevant). This way, more wandering souls might stumble across another players build and come through.

I can’t make every player come through here. That would be imposing and arrogant, but I can improve it’s visibility for those that might be interested in such a thing. Ultimately, I would like to direct the “Warp to Capital” location into here as well. It is already IN the capital City, I just need the beacon to be the biggest…That is a long ways down the road tho…

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Wow excellent ideas!! Sounds great! Keep up the good work!

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