Softcap for crafting

I look forward to seeing the crafting system and hope they will make some sort of proficiency so you need to work your way up and become better to make the higher tier stuff.

but here is my suggestion, instead of a normal hard cap meaning that you need for example 100 proficiency in sword crafting to make a mithril sword, if you are under that you cant make it. there could be a soft cap with a % chance of succeding depending on your profiency and the skill required to make the sword.

so using the previous example we say you need 100 swordcrafting to make a mithril sword but you only have 25, in most cases this would mean you cant do it but my suggestion is making a system that says

(level of proficiency) / (level of proficiency required) and then * 100. this would make determine the chance of succeding.

so in this case you would have 25/100 which is 0.25 and then times 100 its 25. so you would have 25% chance of making the sword, so instead of saying ‘‘you cant make this’’ you instead get ‘‘well, you can try, but if you fail you lose your mats’’ so people might take the chance and give it a try, if you have over the required skill you will always succeed in making the item.



I’d prefer to have it like WoW, mainly for the sole purpose of luck of the draw…

Players who succeed in creating that amazing sword/armor will have the upper advantage over those who just lost their mats right?

Also, I believe alot of people would complain over it, but of course that’s my opinion on the issue!

wow was a pie machine crafting system, the worst you can get, but indeed a hardcap might be nicer. its just to try out ideas :smile:

Of course, I’d love to suggest a way myself for an efficient crafting mechanic but it’s pretty hard I must say…

i look forward to it, but i hope they will make proficiency so you actually need to level up, and not just like minecraft where if you have the mats you can make the items.

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I wholly support this system, with but one addendum: Get a diminished amount mats back. Even the clumsiest of crafters know something isn’t going to work a bit in and they will just stop.

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that removes the chance, the idea is just instead of saying ‘‘you need level 50 to this, BECAUSE REASONS!!! (imagine mister torgue)’’ you get ‘‘you CAN try to make this, it is just not really recommended’’

Perhaps I was a little too vague on the addendum: I meant that I entirely agree with the chance system. I was just saying that if you took that X% chance and failed you would get a small portion of your mats back rather than have them all be trashed for the reason I mentioned above.

I just think that airs more on the side of realism, which is something I tend to enjoy, even in a fantasy-esque game.

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might be a good idea, just hopefully not too much, since then people will just say ‘‘well i might as well try, since i dont really lose any mats on doing so’’

For sure, I would say they only get at most 20% back.

This is a good start, but I’d add a few more levels of complexity to better reward those top level crafters.

A low level crafter that succeeded in crafting a high level item will still find his items are inferior to a more skillful craftsman. Items should have lower durability and the lowest rolls on stats. The more skilled the craftsman becomes, the better ratios on rolls they get, until finally reaching top level and the best possible rolls.

To illustrate this:
lvl 25 Craftsman
Mithril Sword
Infirior Quality
-75% Durability
10 Damage
1.25 Attack Speed

Lvl 100 Craftsman
Mithril Sword
Artisan Quality
+10% Durability
15 Damage
1.5 Attack Speed

These two swords are of the same type, and do similar damage, but the sword crafted by the Lvl 100 Craftsman is still a far superior product, and he is rewarded for grinding to lvl 100 rather than making a large batch of swords and hoping for the best.

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true. i hope for a recipe system where recipes drop for different items, so if there are a ton of small things like ‘‘poison dmg, poison dot, flame dmg, flame dot, freeze dmg, freeze dot, increased durability, increased damage, bleeding, increased piercing rate’’ etc… for every single weapon type and you had a journal to save them then there would be a difference, i know that i would try to get all of the recipes available.

only problem I can think of is that the leveling system could be abused like in skyrim. The player could just craft cheap things (like iron daggers) and level up without any trouble :confused:
Maybe they add an cooldown system where you can only craft one item and then have to wait a while till you can craft another one :slight_smile:

most games gives you exp depending on what skill you are at and what items you are using

wow just have the orange, yellow, green and gray to show the chance of getting a point.

GW2 is slighly different in the way that you need to discover items you can make (would also be awesome for oort) and first time you discover something you get alot of exp so maybe 2 or 3 points, but when you make them after you dont get nearly as much, so the best way to level is to find more stuff.

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I love that system :smiley: I really hope the devs consider implementing it :slight_smile:

Hey guys

How about…

No crafting cap at all for crafting - like Minecraft (and other sandbox crafting games). More valuable items are crafted using more difficult to find materials. So the material gathering becomes the limitation - rather than a numbery mmo-like tedious leveling system that takes several weeks/months to max out before it becomes redundant anyway.

The more sandbox mechanics, the better in my opinion.

Mmo mechanics often exist to make a game longer by adding a grind fueled treadmill between the player and the thing they want.

These kinds of mechanics should be used sparingly. Or we will end up with a slow dreadful climb to level 95 with legendary gear before the game “starts”.

The game is an mmo in the sense that we are sharing our creations with each other. But the game mostly is about breaking and placing blocks: A gathering, building sandbox game. So those mechanics should take precedence unless an mmo mechanic can really make things more fun.

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its an MMORPG. i honestly despise minecrafts crafting system. minecraft was always meant to be oversized lego but he kept adding stuff on it to make a wannabe RPG.

it would be like saying we shouldnt have profiency in weapons and you are as good as your weapon, that way everybody can use legendary gear just when they start, which would just be a problem.

same with crafting, you say that crafting and leveling it is ‘‘tedious’’ and that it takes weeks, that is the point of it. if i have used 7 weeks on pure crafting and you just started it would be complete rubbish if you could do the same as me. allowing everybody to craft everything will render dedicated crafters useless.


Really nice idea for crafting that takes care of something that has bothered me in most MMO´s.

If I may add a possible solution to reward higher skilled craftsmen:
When you are above the 100 points skill proficiency that is needed you get a chance of crafting a tool/weapon with slightly increased stats. This system could use the same formula @Zouls already suggested: (without multiplying the 100 at the and of course)


I like the idea of not losing the mats but having different output on different levels. Simply like -50% durability and -25% Power if to low and the opposite when better. May be you will have a hard border at which level you just don’t be able to get normal quality output and/or at which you always succeed with a enhanced item.

For example with the sword with Lvl 100: if you are over 50 you slowly get a higher chance to craft a normal one. If you are under 50 it is always inferior. Above 100 you get a chance for a superior item and with more then 150 your swords would always be masterwork.

May be that you even get a fail chance if very to low. That could then result in lost mats as well (the half for example)