[SOLD] Goo shop for sale. Along with full stock

Shop for sale in Eresho, along with full stock of goo and goo Kernals.

Roughly 50 plots (7x3)

Over 10,000 Goo pigment (150+ colours)
Over 2000 Goo Kernals

Looking for offers, so drop me a PM.
(Edit: lots of prestige (700k+), all made from marble and mosaic)


But but but but why nawty-chan

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For someone to put more use in to than me. And so I can give some coin to the community :shushing_face::slight_smile:

What’s the name of the place and how to get there?

I’ll get co-ords tomorrow. But it’s in Ultima on eresho. Far side that touches with moogleland. If that helps :joy::man_shrugging:t3:

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It’s called Goo-Goo

Not a bad spot. I’m not sure that I’d buy it, personally

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All good thanks :slight_smile:

Whats the price?
And no i do not offer you… name your price or at least the amount you are expect to get


what ballpark of price we thinking?

Looks goo’d. Sadly I only got like 30k, which I guess would be my ‘bid’, since nobody has made one yet. :joy:

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Naughty I hope your not leaving us :disappointed:

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Hard to give a price. I’ve had an offer of 1m for just the shop in Eresho.

I’ve not played for a little while so don’t know the going rates for goo and goo Kernals :man_shrugging:t3:

Ye… so this is what i mean.
I was thinking something way less… dont wanna hurt your feelings lol.
How am i suppise to know you have been offered that. Maybe update current offer ?

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Good locations in ULT originally sold for 1 mil.

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I’ll Give you a :cookie:


There’s over 1m in mats alone, roughly 800k in prestige.

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And if I want to buy it it’s merely about the goo, don’t need another spot in Eresho nor the mats used to build it…

So if you can give me exact or rough numbers of pigments and kernels you have for sale I am willing to make an offer on that alone…