Solidifying Lava

Hey all. What type of tool do I need to solidify lava? Do I hunt for hammers or… Thanx.

they can only be forged on totems so preferably a wayfarers or gleambow totem for the extra durability =)


I just made some a few mins ago… it must be fate. Drop past TNT hub and you can have 1

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not just a gleambow totem but one with solidifying property? Do you know any shops selling this?

Can be at tnt in a jiff. Where bouts?

Just the main hub… ill be there in a sec

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i’m there in front of naughty mall portal.

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I know some one already offered one but next time check out my shop!



Thanks man. I;m no good at chat on ps

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No worries! And all good, im ps too so know the pain. The lag from gleambow peeps on circ is pretty rough at the moment too.

PS Second Screen app is a gamechanger, can type on your phone.

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do u mean remote play?

Not sure it quite does remote play, you can mirror the screen and type etc. Called “PS4 Second Screen”. Its free in google play/apple store

Edit: Just had a look, its different to remote play

Hiya. I luv yer shop but I can;t access the gleambow gear or am I in the wrong place?

Oh why?
Solidifies should be on the black room under the liquid benders sign. If you don’t see any then I’ll need to do more tomorrow.

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okay. I was in the gleambow gear room . Right now yer out of stock of gleambow solidifiers, but I’ve found the spot. Thanks.

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Hey. Just dl the second screen app. That might really come in handy. Do you have a shop anywhere’s? I’m just now getting to a place where… I dunno it’s like some ceiling has been lifted and I’m able to do and get a lot more done.


Good to hear. Being able to actually communicate in game made so much difference when i found that app!

Yeah i have a couple shops. TNT is my home (along with the rest of the guild), my main base is Bzerk Circus (portal in the community builds section of the hub) which is a theme park, but has a full exchange shop in the middle buying and selling every base mat. And i just built a new shop next to the hub (on the south side next to the hunt meet) called MONSTORE which is all hunt drops/weapons etc.

Im not selling solidifiers in either btw, just happened to see your post as the 2 i made were finishing up.

This is my first time spending so much time on a game site in the forums, but it’s such an entertaining way to learn about the game.

So do you have any more solidifiers in any of your shops? This is the new aha tool for me. I can’t wait to see what mining near lava will be like now.

So do folks know of shops that carry solidifying totems?