Solo T7 Hunting (Baby Cookie style)

We’re is all the ichor I have alot I know but I want to be the ichor King :laughing: if you have ichor laying around I want it allllllllll lol

@james chan 2nd chance brews I’m Ready :laughing:


2 questions:
How much ichor you got in total?
Do you solo T7 meteors?

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Im not sure how much ichor is a lot. As I know I have a ton of it.

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Hmmmm im on my 2nd shopstand of ichor Boop Muhahahaha

And Yesh I Solo T7 Meteors (if you see giant Holes on a T7 planet Baby Cookie was There Muhahahaha


Daaamn that’s cool, teach me your ways? Do you use the big hole blink bomb strat?

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I use blink bombs to lvl the area for Boopers Rift bombs to Nuke everything and depending on what lucent planet Im on Slingbows for Cuddles trick is Dodge Everything but a cuddles homing missile

With a cuddles homing missle you eat it up to the 2nd homing missle hits you before the 3rd missle hits you drink a instant healing brew so you don’t die Carry Mega Cleansing if debuffs bug you (Cuddles Are the Killers in Solo T7 Just gotta find what your comfortable with)

Too Add cuddles mechanics
1st Laser
2nd missiles
3rd Homing Missles (Always Face your opponent don’t turn your back on cuddles )
If you challenge it or ■■■■ it off it throw bombs at you
(Learning a Cuddles body language is a must they move in a certain way that’s how you know homing is coming next)

Boopers T7 mechanics

  • they climb 2 blocks high
  • and can penetrate 2 blocks thick
  • can hit you from 3 blocks high

Spitters Mechanics
1st they spit. At you
2nd they spit 3/4
3rd is the missile
Same as The cuddles you ■■■■ it off you getting bombs thrown at you

Everything else you just Nuke at a distance make sure you always have the high ground if your below you will die xD (high ground were you can move note not 1 block high ground you’ll be putting yourself as a target xD)
Trees and bushes are your friend it’s good for cover from cuddles or gaining the high ground

I try to keep a Mega Instant Healing in one hand at all times with speed brews and starberry pies as my buffs what I like to do is not be in the attack zone I always get distance from the meteor and portals themselves so it takes the cuddles awhile to fly to you

@james chan do I got my info spot on me Kurious it took alot of deaths to figure out if it was possible xD


Oh wow nice one, i’ll try it out :smiley:

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T7s arent too bad once you get the hang of them. Having heals is pretty essential.

I have a little over 5SS of ichor

:rofl: I think I have 80…total. Not SS just 80.

You should invite us to learn!!! How about the skills page?

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This is my skill page for when I’m hunting Solo everything into bombs xD @Dubbanz

Durability Drain epic flucates between that & Health Regeneration Epic depends what you prefer

Health is only up from those homing missles for the cuddles everything else will 1 shot you xD

Then you get really Awesome forged Lucent Bows from @Marcel0206 shop they work Beautiful on T7 :cupid: them against those pesky Cuddles

And I get my Forged Bombs from @NickkThatsGood best 2 Lucent forgers I think marcel-chan and nick-chan


Now I home and can count I have 19,065 ichor Muhahahahaha


:exploding_head: :cookie:

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You are rich!!! :no_mouth:

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No and Yes I carry on me less than a million but I donate all my funds to the Portal Network and once I finish a discussion with ULT I wanna Redo ULT Main Hub cause it feels depressing xD