Solum mapping

I’ve been looking for a way to map Solum (because that’s where I am right now) at a 1px per block scale in order to capture settlements and outposts, etc. I’m having a hard time getting a sense of where my beacons are relative to each other, and I’m an absolute failure at converting the [a,b,c] values to actual map coordinates. (I know b is altitude, but I ran off looking for that “bridge” artifact one can see from Sanctuary [-17xx ,21yy] and clearly SW from my starting point was not the right way to go.

(It doesn’t make the task any easier that the debug presentation is far smaller than I can easily read with trifocals, but that’s just how it is.)

I could fake this if I just had the size of the Solum map to work with. (Well, that and a notion of where the origin is–is the map 4-quadrant? Quadrant 1? Quadrant 4?) The current JPG isn’t the right size and is devoted to named regions, so I can’t use that as a starting point.

I believe that all maps are a square 4000x4000 blocks.

-2000,-2000 all the way to 2000,2000

If I remember rightly. But don’t fully trust me, I’ve been wrong before. @Pseudonym84 and @Spoygg do you have input?

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That’s the size as far as I’m aware.

Actually 4600x4600


I never did the exploration stuff or payed attention to it so I was 100%

4608x4608 actually


I love the one-upping chain

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I have it as 3072 right now (which covers my beacons). Now I can move on to adding other beacons (or settlements) to the map to see how everything is spread out.

If you were to run to the end of the map… is there an invisible wall? Or does it loop back around like an actual planet?


Just kidding. It maps as you expect…you cross the polar region and now you’re going the opposite polar direction.


Despite what the @Illuminoorti might tell you, if you run to the edge of the map you fall off the planet and land here.


There IS no cow level!


Ooh my Bob I am running to the end of the map the very next time I log on. I’m so exsited.


This is correct. 4,608 by 4,608. I’m certain because I’ve built around one ;3


That’s why they call him “Lucky Guess Luca” :smiley:

… but also because, y’know, he built the worlds you built around :wink:


I beg to differ


All right, where is the fershlugginer capital? The gold star on the rotating Solum in Sanctum provides coordinates along the lines of -223N 1774E, but that’s in the middle of a mountain, and I didn’t see anything there. (I have probably-wrong coordinates for a place called Infinity as well.)

I think the “north” coordinate shown in gui is actually “negative” z in debug text. aka -223N is z=223 not z=-223

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yes i found this out too. the debug coordinates are true coordinates, and the location coordinates are fiddled around with.

1284N -381E is actually -381, xx, -1284

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I’ll go looking at the transformed coordinates. I might have actually been there already–but magically forgot to copy down the location of something as I went through.