[Solved] Getting Error Code 17 trying to log in

Getting this error when trying to log in


Restarted Boundless, restarted steam, restarted PC, verified game files in steam… no luck.

Edit: add try through VPN to the list, still no luck.

Any suggestions?

check your hosts file. make sure there’s nothing funky in there.

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So how did you deduce this from “Error 17”? How do you get this from just an error number?

I don’t understand how a number can tell people what the problem is. It just doesn’t make any sense.

17 and 21 are connection errors iirc. hosts file affects connection

Cleaning out the hosts file fixed it… thanks @Simoyd … owe ya one!

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… and how did you figure that out? I wasn’t asking what it was, but more along the lines of how to understand what these numbers actually mean. I’m failing to figure it out. Trying to understand how companies determine problems by the value of a number.

by experiencing them myself and by seeing other support posts involving those numbers. I’m gunna be honest I don’t know any other of their error numbers XD

I’ve been working on various MITM apps with this game and so I have some experience on this topic heh.


Not sure if what I’m about to say is 100% correct or answers your question but I’ll take a stab. Basically when Wonderstruck wrote the code for log-in, there are multiple steps, and each step is like a machine with a possibility of failing. Then, they decided on some arbitrary numbers and assigned each step a number. So when Step #17 fails, you get error code 17. I don’t think 17 is standard (or means anything) across all companies. As Simoyd said, the only way he knows what they mean is by other Boundless-specific experiences and posts he has experienced.

Edit: It may feel like some error codes are “standard” (like you see 404 memes) but that’s only because those codes are so common. All websites rely on HTTP so you can see 404 errors wherever you have HTTP, but the choice of 404 was just decided by whoever made HTTP. The choice of 17 is decided by Wonderstruck.

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