[Solved] Is there a way to reset your characters progress and stats?

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Hello I’m a new player and I have had a great time so far, however I have had a small problem that is quite annoying for a new player to experience and that is when I go to use the cauldron it says I need the basic crafting recipes skill even though I already have it, I think this problem has happened because I had to redo some of the tutorial after removing some blocks and I am just wondering if there are any plans to add a way to reset your progress and skills in the works.

Problem Has Been Solved


That’s the wrong message, either you don’t have enough fuel, either wrong ingredients.

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well I think i have enough copper at least 20 and fuel and actually when i think about it i might need to put more fuel in. thanks for suggesting that it might be the fuel, I’m a complete idiot for not thinking about it early.

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Don’t grief yourself about it :smiley:

You can see actual fuel level on fuel status bar. As soon as you place fuel it will tell you how much units you have. There is issue that if you put two different fuels in stack it will not show properly like soft and medium coal.


Not an idiot, we are all new in the beginning. :slight_smile:


I have had a lot of confusion with that as well man! To be fair there are a couple instances where the message is incorrect :smiley:

When you are short on recipe quantities it says you are missing basic crafting recipes when I guess in a way you are… but it’s very misleading so it took me a while as well.

Also for future confusion when it says “Can’t craft in Sanctum” it’s because your inventory is full, that one took me a while as well.

Enjoy the game


thanks for such kind words i know it was a bit of new player confusion lol

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