[SOLVED] Meteorite bug after fix?

After last fix my low level friend says that creatures from meteorites on t3 planets has elemental buffs. Yesterday i saw red mobs on Boori from t2 meteor. I can be wrong, but this has not happened before?
This is a very hard thing for those who not yet have the ability to craft a gem bows… :pensive:

This is not a bug this is just how meteors work, they can spawn various creatures whether they have elemental buffs or not.


This has always happened.

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I have never seen this before, maybe it’s just because i have never hunting on t1-t4 planets. But anyway it is extremely unfair to those who do not have gem bows.

ADD: I was misinformed by my companion, he complained that for some reason it became more difficult for him to kill, and i thought that before there were no mobs with resists and buffs. It is likely that the topic can be closed, sorry.

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Closed as per OP’s request