[SOLVED] Possible bug with Exploring Zones

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Hello, I’m traveling around my planet to get my atlas filled out…also looking for sweet beans but I don’t think they exist.

Anyways I stopped finding zones. They just aren’t updating anymore.

Nore sure if this is a bug, or if I’m just not triggering some event.

Here is a pic of my atlas, I walked from the known areas to where I am now.

Here is a day picture so you can actually see it

This is a know bug that is fixed in the next update.

You can fix it now by deleting your chunk cache.

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Woah that was fast, How do I do that?

It’s in your Windows / Steam folder somewhere. Hopefully someone else can give you a precise location as I’m currently on my mobile.

Sweet, i’m sure I can track it down. Thank you!

For future people with this issue

go here after user data might be different, if so just search chunkcache on userdata
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\35279881\324510\local\chunkcache

delete the data.mdb