Some beacon questions

I try to make a new beacon to try to save some more build, prior next weeks update.

When i try to place the new beacon controll-block it said i have to select a plotter first. So i can only place it inside already existing protected area.
When i make new plots it have a zero in the lowright corner.

Is number of beacon, or plots limited, or can i just use them to expand the first one?


You should only have 12 plots you can use.

Ok, thanks. Then it all goes… But it was only a matter of time anyway. :slight_smile:

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Not sure you’ll have a lot of fun with the beacons … this sounds like a wipe.

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Yes, a wipe was inevitable but there’s no information on when it’s happening yet.

They said that the wipe will come with the regeneration (also in a post earlier) but since they just begin “main programming” on that (together with the mashines) next week it may take some weeks till the wipe is coming :wink:

I didn’t see where they said they just began the main programming on it. All I saw was James say this:

To me, saying that the first step towards the next big update is releasing the regen tech, means that it’s already being worked on. And seeing the post from @lucadeltodecso sort of shows that this is maybe in the final stages of development. Still, the point stands that there’s no timeline on the release of the tech :wink: Things can and will change, so any guesses at this point are just speculation :smiley:

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Yes, my fault, i read in the regen-tech in next week, when it only stood water-mecanics and fx.
Hope not to much get flooded and anyone drown…

Eh, I think a wipe would be better on new worlds rather than the same ones as we had before.

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