Some Boundless UI Design for fun


- Character HP Bar -


Will try to make more later for fun :slight_smile:
Hope more graphic designer come join and share their cool idea in this thread XD


Now numerical values would go some to extend the Control over the char. As in the HP/EN and/or buffs.
Other then that, here take my Money!


Is this based off of or inspired by the LoL UI? or are any similarities that I think I see between the two purely unintentional/coincidental?



Looks good - just need to remember about localisation… for instance, “Menu” in German is “Speisekarte” (at least according to Google Translate)


It’s actually much shorter in german, “Menü”. What you wrote means specifically a restaurant menu.


Good to know and it goes to show you can’t rely on google translate :laughing:

Comment still stands about localisation, even if the example was bad.


Umm, I use tree of savior’s as layout example,
but i think a lot of game has similar design for character bar.
(Tree of savior)
(GW2’s enemy character bar )


Haha, thanks i didn’t know that. The reason I put the menu icon their is because it took me sometimes when i was beginner in boundless, it took me sometime to figure out that we have 2 menu ui (tab & esc) I don’t know what’s the reason behind it, but I prefer to combine both to 1. I am working on menu UI for fun now, will upload it when I finish :slight_smile: