Some components prefer to stay in the deck

When I drag my 14 components into the pain machine, 2 are scared in prefer to watch from a distance. Is that a known bug?


your item smart stack cant be round divided by 2

I had 100 components in the machine and was forging 7 shovels.

Ok then so…

7 x 14 = 98 + the 2 leftover = 100 (I guess? Never had this happen to me though)

He is in the middle of forging and deck is open. So the stack was allready there.

Yea, i had the smart stack shift+item not working for some time, not only in the forge.

I click on “Schmiedevorgang starten”, then I pick up the 14 effect gum and click into the machine to place them there.

which looks like so

and when I move the remaining 2 gums in the machine too, it looks like so

after pressing abort, the 100 gums are still in the machine. No gum was hurt!

At the moment I can only reproduce it when I forge 7 tools. It doesn’t happen with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9 tools. And only when I move the gum with the mouse, shift right-click does move all 14.

Alrighty I’m at a complete loss. 7 is an unlucky number though right! lol

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I get the impression every number is an unlucky number while forging. :slight_smile:


It sure is, forgers are the most superstitious people ever to exist in all existence due to the unforgiving/relentlessly punishing forge RNG in this game

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Yes, I can see that there’s an inconsistency between dragging and dropping versus shift-clicking, so I’ll add this to the bug database.

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