Some cool World Designs!

Hey guys I’ve been wandering thru the lands of Deviantart because… well the reason is unimportant, but the point is I’ve found some real cool Worlds that could be made for Oort Online either by the devs or by us. And Hell there are so freaking cool Worlds out there!

I will show you guys some of my favorite Artworks! Maybe you have acess to the Worldbuilder and can get inspired by this amazing Artworks?! I am inspired and will use one of them to make my competition World for the WBC#2! ^^
But I’m selfish so I wont show you That particular picture :stuck_out_tongue:

###These are the Pictures, please get inspired by the Beauty of these Worlds!

##Here we can also see an really nice looking creature and I wonder if we can have some kind of that as an Tameabel Enemy? :blush:

##Also here you can see how beautiful One big tree can be! I really Hope you will give us the chane to make such Trees in the future! I reaally want that feauture in the Worldbuilder one day! :blush:

Any statement about that kind of Trees @lucadeltodecso? ^^

##EDIT: Well this actually looks like an Town protected by an beacon with an Wall at the corner of the beacon area! xD
##I really can Imagine how people will build such things :smiley: Maybe I should do that with my Town too! because it does look cool tho!

So, tell me guys, how do you like these Pictures? And do you have an favorite one?
My favorite are clearly the floating Glaciers… They are so freaking awesome!


Gosh this is not good for me…all these ideas. I really need to finish ongoing things before I start something new.


@Cyanizite Did you just changed the “worlds” tag to “worlds”?! xD

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I was checking if there weren’t any other tags that corresponded to this thread. There weren’t so I just checked it off. :sweat_smile:


Nice pictures. Would be cool to have such formations also in Oort in the future :wink: … I also like the tree. I think a more complex routine for creating random trees would be realy cool in the World builder. In the moment the Trees are ok, but nothing special. Having more different variables would give it a kick in the right direction :wink:

PS: I especially like the flying continent of the pic above the glaciers.