Some Farmlocations for the next 4 Weeks

I actually intended to create a good planet (a lot of diamonds, for example) but the random principle almost always throws a spanner in the works.

These 5 x T5 planets are still reachable for 4 weeks before disappearing into nirvana.

I’ve tried to set colors that don’t exist otherwise or very rarely, I didn’t pay attention to plants.

These planets can be reached from the TNT Hub Beseverona
–> Sharine off. Grab a Gleamtoken there and create a portal, unfortunately I don’t have enough Oort to set up more portals.

Have fun farming

Oh, and campfires are unlocked


thank you so much :slight_smile:
ill check them tomorrow for colors for sure :smiley: i see many colors worth farming, at least for me :smiley:
real explorer dont need a portal :smiley: warp to them from Besevrona sanctum cost only 100c :smiley:

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any idea what the availability/colors of mud would be?

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I chose mud but haven’t found any mud yet, strangely enough, on some planets there is almost no type at all or it is missing completely


there is something magical in them, simply love them

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i post it here, bet players are too lazy to even check it :stuck_out_tongue:

RETI - night blue
PEDD 4 - bright yellow
JABI - dark lilac
DALUS - crisp green
ARIETI - night berry

maybe ill post wood, foliage and rocks color list later, still making priority list, what to farm first :slight_smile: