Some free glass (and XP)

I’ve spent most of the day so far turning 18 chests of sand and silt into glass.

IDK for some reason I got it in my head to share some, so here we are.

Someone who wants to duck through my portal at the southeast corner of the TNT Megahub and come onto Yarang can have 8 stacks of sand and silt. It will make 4 stacks of glass and whatever XP that gives when you cook it.


I finally finished cooking glass.

Nobody came by but I’ll still give these away - I moved them into shop stands in my beacon on Minorengle.

If they’re still there tomorrow though, I’m cooking 'em :smiling_imp:

It’s not a ton of stuff anyways but … yeah.

If someone wants them and they’re too new to cross the Megahub, I have a portal at the Minorengle Ultima hub, the sign still says “The Stump”.

Hey these got picked up a few minutes ago.

Enjoy, I’m going to close the thread.


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