Some Ideas

 - Jobs: There should be some jobs in the game for example miner.
   Everyone can learn every job.
   Fishing: Player is able to fish. For every fish he gets some exp.
   Then he can lv up and he will get better in fishing. Example: "more
   chance to get rare fish". Sometimes u would also get a treasure with
   some money in it.

   Miner: Everytime u mine a block u will get a few exp. After leveling
   up u ur "miner stats" will upgrade. Example: +1% mining speed or"now
   u get 2 blocks out of 1".

   Diver: u can search for sunken treasures or for hard underwater
   dugeons which will require a high lv in "Diver".
   Lv up example: 1% swimming speed, or "u can now hold ur breath

   Adventurer: Player will get some exp every time he kills a
   monster/player. So stronger the monster so more exp. 
   Lv up example: +1%dmg , attack speed, def or something else.

   Tamer: Maybe u can craft traps. With them u can catch monster/animals
   and tame them with food or something. Maybe some traps to catch
   players xD.

   Specialization: Players can choose one Specialization or 2 idk. 
   Blacksmith: Blacksmith can craft mighty weapons and armour. After
   leveling up he unlocks more craftable stuff.

   Jeweler: He can craft Jewels rings and maybe something else too. 

   Enchanter: Enchanter can upgrade ur current gear or give it some special effects. Example: normal

   damage: 120. Enchanted damage: 160.

   Alchemy: Allows u to craft Potions. Example: Healing Potion, Speed
   Potion, Damage Potion etc.

And many more :stuck_out_tongue:


Please search for the right topics on those matters and write to them or give them your like. There are many different discussions and suggestions, so please try to have a look if your idea is already posted by someone before throwing them out in a own thread without an specifying title.

have a look here …


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I´m not sure, but there might be job topic already somewhere…

Jeweler is kinda nice job but we could change it to crafting/craftsman to get more out of that skill like leather/hide crafting, ability to craft special or different looking blocks, special equipment etc.

Chef could be one job which allows player to make higher healing food with maybe special bonuses.

I go search if there is another topic with same general discussion before posting any further.

ah, didnt found it. Thanks

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gonna be ego and throw this out here too

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Mechanical Things

I mean thinks like a Minecart, Trains, A pump with Pipelines (To pump some water from A to B) or transportation lines to bring Items from one position to another. Boats (Maybe U-BOATS :smirk: ) But It just have to match into the game, trains maybe dont need some Öil, Water (for steam) or coal to run… Maybe they could use MAGIC / MANA insted ^-^ Trains,Minecarts and transportation lines could even go through portals to reach other worlds. Well… sounds very silly, but It is just an Idea. Look at Minecraft and his “Buildcraft” Mod for example. I just mean things like that… but just even “cooler” .

Thats an example of a train (for Minecraft btw) of the artist AceNos at Deviantart( )

Just a simple example for a Pipeline.

Something like that would be epic ^-^ Just a another example for a Transportation Pipe

I think I dont have to explain Boats and pumps sooo , yeah ^-^ But something like that would be NICE -
(Sorry for my bad english by the way ^-^“”" )

Thanks for reading, have a nice day :v: :heart:

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