Some more speciffic questions on rare or random ressources

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Heyho again …

I played now for a couple of houres and finally got most machines into my plot and build up to gold items. But at this stage the game begins to get a bit frustrating. The cause is that some materials are so rare or not well to gather. I have the feeling that stuff like fibrinous leafs or tech rememants are sometimes to hard to get enough to satisfy my needs or cost to much time. So here some questions?

  1. Do you also have similar experiences with resource rarity?

  2. Are there ways to get more of them?

  3. Are their any lists of suggested prices for resources so that I can trade for them? (especially fibrinous leafs!)

  4. I’m living close to Therka Market, so anyone there who has a plinth?

At around lvl 20ish when you start to get into power coils and the desire for Gem Tools is when you need to kinda apply the brakes…

The game up to that point is very rewarding you are always seeing the Pop ups for you have gathered this or unlocked that feat and things just go quite smoothly till then…

Sadly this builds up a false sense of fast progression and boundless really isnt fast progression atleast not after lvl 30…

So some of the issues here is that Boundless is suppose to be an MMORPG with Professions and economy. And Crafting stuff is very much a profession, however a crafter is sorta the character that the tutorial makes you become…

So my advice is take a break from the road to being an expert crafter…
Maybe create a new character, learn about hunting or gathering…
Or just focus on making some cool buildings as most really nice builds really don’t require power coils and gem tools…

So fibrous leaves are either gotten from harvesting a plant or from breaking leaves lots and lots of leave… There market value is around 50c

Tech remnants well you can get them on home worlds but in small quantities however the blocks can break faster so that’s a bit of an offset…or on more difficult worlds where the luck skill really starts to play a factor, but your friend here is the atlas toss one in and be sure your mining in a hot spot…

Ultimately you have reach the reality stage of the game where your going to start to realize that the game is harder then you first thought it was… And then ask yourself did you really want it too be easy??? I know I prefer things to be more difficult, so the reward is that much better…


japp, the atlas is kinda strange to me. I tried it out but didn’t get the clue how to really use it :confused: … Which plant do I have to harvest for the fbrinous leafs (and where to find them)? ^^

And yes, you are right. It shouldn’t be to easy and yes it should support the interaction between players … May be I go exploring with my char now and try to do soemthing new :wink:

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I forget the name of them but they sorta look like a pineapple has been stuck in the ground and you will typically find them in desert biomes…


desert sword! they used to be called Yucca.


thx, I will take a long walk through the wasteland/desert … sad not to have a dog to play mad max or the fallout guy ^^

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100% there are resource limits to most things. For most of these limiting items it seems that somewhere, someone either has an effective way of collecting them or is willing to put themselves through the grind to collect and will sell them.

Sometimes you’ll find a shop selling things no one else sells, other times you might have to put up a basket or advertise that you’re looking for X here or on discord.

Thing is, as much as i hate these bottlenecks, it helps to create a market for players to het/make them. My crafter can craft almost every recipe, but I’ve never made a coil in my life. I find it more worthwhile to mine fibrous (from foliage) and re-sell it then buy a coil from one of the few dealers stocking them.

As for market value… search and research. Run around, go shop to shop, make your own price list of who sells what cheapest or where to get the most coin for what you’ve gathered. I’ve seen earthyam stew for sale at 17c cough in one store, then on a different planet 2 portals away someone is selling them for over 70 each… I’m not saying either is right, wrong or necessarily sustainable, but I’ve seen the expensive one sell and the cheap one isn’t out of stock. Lesson - the more you know the better you can judge prices. I also feel that this disparity is important for small shops and that a universe wide price board may negatively impact the game.

Lastly as @Sulfurblade said, you kinda build a crafter out the box because you need stuff crafted, theres a whole new world to be explored once you get an alt going for mining, hunting, building etc. And this happened to me at about lvl24 too.

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Hi @TheBirne :sunny:

Before getting frustrated i would suggest you to follow Sulfurblade advice

you have just reached “the crosroads”, that point in wich whatever you think you’ve understood turns to be wrong or not easy as you figgured… but DON’T PANIC , the answer is 42, whatever it means.

Because you have to take in consideration that:
Planets have different tiers,
higher tier planets tend to drop higher quantities;
also: higher planets will likely tend to kill your if you don’t have any kind of defence/attack/heal skill.
A pure crafter will be at a good point around lvl 40, without spending points in combat/defence skills…
and also: fibrous leaf are needed for tools/weapons up to titanium, than they are not needed anymore as gem-things use other materials; if you need materials only for yourself you are not going to need A LOT of those,
but if you want to run a shop with finished goods you wil NEVER be able to self sustain it, so you will need to place request baskets and coins, SoFirstOfAllYouWillNeedCoins, so first of all you will need to understand how to farm/grind coins to start everything so you will need CoinsCoinsCoins to - wait, stop! WELCOME IN THE ECONOMY SYSTEM my frieeeend! :joy:

Really it isn’t as easy as it seems at the beginning AND it isn’t as difficult as it seems when you hit the wall

we can give you a lot of “Technical and boring advices” but none of them would really help you to understand what you would like or what you would enjoy to do… surely an alternative character, flexible between hunting/gathering/exploring will help you to understand all the mechanics and be able to explore various planets, explore surface and caves, sell to request baskets of other shops will help you to understand prices and how to farm coins… remember that you can befriend your alt character in the beacon and give him permissions, so you can craft an iron slingbow, put it in the storage and pass by with your alt character

So long and thanks for all the fish