Some questions about Boundless 1.0 full release, and how it will affect this community

So with the announcement that full release is a matter of months away, I have a few questions. Some the community can answer, but others probably only devs can.

I’ve been away for the past month - month 1/2, and I haven’t been following the forums too closely as I’ve been rather busy. I’m sure a thread like this has already popped up. But here goes.

1.) When 1.0 hits and Boundless is considered fully released, the plan is still a full wipe of the servers with backups of the early worlds so they aren’t lost forever, no? So that means all of our items, plots, character progressions, et cetera… will be lost? Just want clarification that this is still the plan. :slight_smile: Full reset for everyone and equal playing ground.

2.) This is specifically to the developers. To me, it sounds like 1.0 will be released by the end of this year, and we don’t even have Forge on live servers yet. (Not complaining. :stuck_out_tongue: ) Are you planning on doing a full rework of the skills system before 1.0? It might have been @james --I don’t remember at the moment–who mentioned a while back that you now realize there’s no difference between having three characters who can do everything, and one character that can do everything by just leveling further. He mentioned something about reworking the skills so you can level up enough to unlock everything with one character. Is this still in the works? I’m just curious about this because I believe it would be great to go fresh into 1.0 feeling like we only need to focus on one character, rather than split our leveling between three and having to have a hunter, a gatherer, and a crafter.

3.) From my understanding, Early Access backer tiers are just that. Once 1.0 hits, those tiers will disappear and whatever tier we were by the end is where we stay. So if I’m an Explorer, I can’t upgrade after 1.0. Correct? I’d like to upgrade once–or possibly twice–before 1.0 since I won’t ever have the opportunity to do so again. Is there any sort of idea at this point of how much time we’ll have between knowing the date of 1.0, and 1.0 itself?

4.) Final question. I love our current setup of this small community on this forum interacting directly with each other and the developers. Once we hit 1.0, what all about the community will change? I know certainly advertising a “completed” game with future updates will bring in greater amounts of people than we’ve seen before. Will the community dynamic change somehow with a greater numbers?

That’s all I can think of for now. I’m pretty tired as of writing this, so I hope it makes sense for the most part. Thank you all again for this wonderful community, and for taking part in this game that we are all so invested in. :slight_smile:

  1. Yup, full reset - fresh characters (character creation yay!), empty inventory, unspoiled new universe with more planets! Early access backers get a slight head start before the game is officially released.

  2. There is a skill tree rework in progress at the moment. What that fully entails, I’ll leave for the devs to update on.

  3. Last word I heard on this is that those tiers were only for early access. I would imagine that you would still be able to upgrade in the time between Founders getting access to the 1.0 content and the official release date. Personally after official release, I would expect the ability to upgrade to stop, to prevent people crying foul that it’s pay-to-win.

  4. I don’t think anyone will be able to answer that until it actually happens, although we now have Sam & Steggs (rhymes with ham & eggs - sorry!) to help drive and shape the community side of things further. I think as long as we all continue to be excellent to each other, this community will stay as awesome as it’s always been!


You’re the best. Thanks for the responses. :slight_smile:

I would like to ask something too. When the character player models (new races) will be implemented? Before or after 1.0? I’m eagerly waiting for my Wolf character. :heart_eyes:

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Only character customisation have been confirmed for 1.0
No word about other races so far.

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It will be implemented sometime. Not before release and not when it will happens but once upon a time after.

@boundmore, is it truly confirmed?

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Yes. @jesshyland confirmed responding in another topic


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Thank you! I read that but didn’t pay my attention and forgot :innocent:

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Hi PendragonTheNinja,

@Stretchious is pretty much bang on with all his points, so the only one I’m going to comment on for now is your last one about the community.

So, will the community dynamic change when the game is fully released with more players? Absolutely, but not in the way you may be concerned about.

You’re still going to have direct interaction with us on both the forums and Discord, but to add to this we’ll also be working more on videos and streaming. You can expect more competitions, dev Q&As, AMA sessions and more! Now, the interaction may end up being mainly with Sam and myself (that is a big part of our jobs afterall), but we’ll be making sure you still hear from the likes of James, Jess and the crew as well - not the hardest task considering they love being able to chat to you all!

You’ll be seeing a lot more posts across all of the social channels from new players coming into the game, they’re likely going be letting us know what they think whether it’s good or bad. So it’s always wise to expect to see some posts you might disagree with, but as long as everyone remains constructive, they’re great conversations to be had and can only add to the success of the game.

As a result of more posts, it will naturally take us a little longer to respond to everything, there’s a chance a post or two might get missed, but that’s no reason to feel concerned as you will always be able to reach out to us (discord, private messages here etc).

It’s likely we’ll see an increase in support issues too, so I’m working on getting us a solution which works better than the forums. The plan at the moment is a support ticketing system which can be used with emails, this will mean issues are still dealt with effectively while not being the main focus of the forums.

So in short, the community dynamic will always change with more players. But that doesn’t automatically mean in a negative way. Sam and I are going to be here every step of the way to make sure the Boundless community is happy and healthy as always.


You guys are wonderful! Thank you so much for this response. ^.^


I like all your other plans but moving support to emails feels like a step backwards to me. A lot of issues can be solved by players helping each other. Bug reports are more effective if multiple players can contribute information. Plus you can always search of someone else already had the same problem.


You’ll still have the support sub forums here as well, so you’ll still be able to help each other out for sure. But there will be cases where we need some information like logs which a support tool can be great for.

For general game bugs, the forums are great. For bigger issues with not being able to start the game etc, support tools are great.

So we’re not taking anything away, we’re just adding something to the process which will make the bigger issues easier to track.


aaand there will be always