Some shot from latest test-world


Did you use pictures when making this or many of noise maps?


Its pure noise. :slight_smile:


Combine with the upper one.


Probably scale the biome distribution a bit up ^:^ jsut to make sure they actually exists in more than 2 blocks :smiley:


I did that, but wanted some space around, this is only 384*384 block. Atm i can only render 1k worlds, will see with the new wb if we can render whole worlds.
Its very hilly to, need to spread it out more to.

Sorry its 512*512…:blush:

Here is it at 1k.

A little more balanced…

Hexagonal blend, separate little cities.


You really own it, don’t you? Pretty well done. Didn’t see someone yet with that much understanding for the world builder yet. Keep it on!


I think @Squidgy, @nevir, and @Thorbjorn42gbf all have a pretty thorough understanding. But yeah, those separate little cities are reallllly cool.


@Karko is still the WB god though ^^


Or I am rather good at keep messing around until stuff works out at least ^.^


Just for fun.


Started another one…( I know i got to much free time, sorry for spawning this thread.)


I want you in my house right now so k can see all awesome things you make


Dont forget @bigPharma hes also a god at the wb


Another city variant biome, but i running out of nice blocks to build with…
I want more color and some nice tecno-block. :slight_smile:

Its a hell to try to navigate around here. With the crappling hook i usely get stuck under a block, and have to dive to the ground to start over again.

Should be nice to be able to stamp off from the wall while hanging in the hook, to get free from blocks over your head. Or have the rope not go throe the blocks.


Hell for you heaven fore me and some techno blocks would be the polishen sandstone



That’s really cool! Is that a lot of image noise?


Yes, its 3 images of 4k grey-scale mixed, and 3d-blocks in the sky.

But it is very slow to work with. When i have more then 2-3 full 4k-images, i can click on something, go and drink a coffee and come back before it react…

Hope the new version handle it better. :slight_smile:


Its like done to build a stair up there. :slight_smile:


Another city biome.