Some shot from latest test-world


I think Matthew need all of your awesome biomes.
You a really great. I’m very envious.


Its a mess with lots of different test-saves, I will take an evening to clean it up a bit and send some…

Have send over a bunch.

Happy hunting :slight_smile:


Also a big fan.
However I simply don’t think it compares to Matthew’s designs:



A biome with block of flats, ready to move in…


Haha that’s awesome!


Haha Jesus come on now Heureka how long did it take you to do that?!


Your builds are always amazing!


It’s not even a build he had to create some crazy heightmap to do that right?


Yha in the world builder. My lingo might be off a bit.


To be honest, they look almost like old crumbling buildings. Its incredible!!


Its worldbuilder, noise-generators.


It looks a bit too blocky right now I feel maybe take a bit of the corners? also seems to get a bit close to the top which get troublesome for buildings.


First test with prefab, it took some time to get it working…

In wb.

And running.


how do you use the worldbuilder? not just, as in, how do you use it, but also, how do you launch it? adn THEN, how do you use it?


It’s looks like old soviet live houses “Khrushchyovka” after long waiting for major renovation =)

What is the roots (bottom part) of your flowers? Is it a leaves?


Yes, yellow leafs, green leafs up and tree-trunks on the top.


That has a good and proper alien feel to it! I love it!! Not to mention, it should be super satisfying to harvest the wood from those stalks, not frustrating like so many other prefab trees…


The top are hallow (atm)… Maybe as a temporary cover away from home. :slight_smile:


Hmm, maybe fill the tops with something like a growing bud. You could then do a second variation that is fully blooming?


Easter eggs,