Some suggestions about farming

So a few suggestions for farming.

I feel like the fertilized crops should show more information or we have more information on how long crops are fertilized for. Also perhaps be a clearer indication on the crops, I feel like topside crops benefit from this more so than Goo. Hard to see which is fertilized and which is not without having to go through them individually

I find with my Goo that I can re-fertilize some of my Goo about an hour after I fertilized them. Do I get an advantage from this? Is it a waste? Why can you re-fertilize some after X time but not others?

Also, Fertilizer tools (ie High-Octane Cultivator) should be forgeable. AOE on this would be so much more useful, having to run row by row takes a long time.

From what i understand each growth stage has a chance of using the fertilizer, its not all the time, so some probably just havent used what you put in.


So each “tick” has a chance to use the fertilizer?
I think that’s okay for smaller farms, but surely there could be a better system. It makes it so difficult to keep track on a large farm

I had a feeling during testing that not enough gleam light makes it more likely to run out of the fertilizer. Just a feeling, no real test.

Kind of. . for each growth tic the fertilizer may work or it might wear off, in which case that particular plant is no longer fertilized for each following tic but the ones around may or may not still be fertilized. You would need to find the un-fertilized plants and re-fertilize them. It could get very time consuming for a large farm to have to find the ones that were and were not fertilized and reapply where needed.

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Yeah this was my point, I feel as though there could be a better system. Maybe a fertilizer system like the spark links that you top up?

So a fertilizer generator, that you top up with the High-Octane, connect the “fertilizer links” to the block you want to keep fertilized.

Maybe something that could be placed overhead like a sprinkler? might work

I don’t have experience on re-fertilize advantage, but have better time on fertilize, maybe you could considerate it: