Some things I feel that are missing

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Some things I feel that are missing in the game that can make a build feel more complete. First fences doing a Victorian build and there is fences for the yard wood and metal fences that you can change the sizes on or stack like the patterned glass. Roof type blocks for shingles, metal roofs, ceramic roofs, straw, or wood. Also some filagree stile decorative items that you would see on cathedrals or Victorian houses. Anyone else have something they feel thats missing?


Coping stones to line the top of brick walls, to add some detail.

Lawn blocks. With different patterns.

Working chimney stacks, made from either stone, brick or iron.

Roof tiles.


low tier, common material (wood + iron for example) blocks and props that are vague enough to go with any style
simple plank doors, window frames, simple wooden beams (both as prop and blocks ( basically a trunk without bark )

colorable particle emitters ( flame, smoke, sparks, moths, bubbles, glyphs, drops…)

decorative blocks: pile of : coins, bones, rubbish…



Didn’t know the name of it but I mentioned that in a past post.

All of these are great ideas.

You can chisel blocks with the lattice forge effect to make fences that look pretty good, and that works with any block!


Yeah already use that but not the look I’m looking for. Picket fences or rot iron fences would be amazing.

I am going to only list building related things, since that was the direction you headed with the OP.

Trimming or small thin strips that can be aligned with the bottom/side edge of another block. This would allow you to put baseboards around your rooms, build window / picture / door frames for your walls, make compact faux shelving and I am sure a lot of other neat additons. Make them 1 block wide by ⅓ block tall by sign thickness.

Light fixtures that you can interact with to turn on/off.

Mirrors would be cool, I haven’t seen that done well in a video game recently. But those are difficult to render.


Also a great idea :bulb:.

I think we lack the finer details in builds that would put a build over the top.

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oooh i like this! it could be like 1/2 of a glass pane size-wise, fully rotatable, various materials… could be used for furniture as well

All materials in panel form. Like glass pains. Is that too much to ask for. :man_shrugging::joy: maybe they can be chiseled somehow as well.



I made this post a while back hoping for detailing and trimming chisels. About what you want too. I never heard anything on it though.

I’ve been asking for this one forever

Seems like an easy addition since they have both the textures and the 3D models made. And the gam-logic.

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They would have to change the texture on the skinny edge. Glass is plain and the same on all 6 side. Textured block would need different texture maps which is a lot of work for 300+ blocks on multiple channels. Lol. So maybe one wood metal and rock panel to start.


Why do we need texture on the few pixel wide side? Make it solid colored according to the color of block being chiseled. All placeable blocks already have a color associated with them, viewable by the color ash left behind by a reclaim.

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I found stuff “fits” better if you pretend you are jack and climbed up a bean stalk into a giants house…

Like honestly i feel like an ant in my houses with how big i have to make stuff for details.