Some weird instant thought i had about some pvp

i know this will probably never be a thing…

but its about the same way augments work with totems

so you get a curse augment and a cure augment and has to be placed in your totem
the PVP idea is you can curse someone, by pointing at them with your totem
and it will slowly drain their health until they die also no way of healing, the only way to survive is if you have someone to cure you with the cure augment totem but your health stays the way it is, and of course has a delay for like 5 seconds, so anyone could grapple the person that’s cursed to drag them out of position or do anything to prevent the other person from curing the other. once dead you are out and the winner is the last one standing.
of course this could come with a PVP beacon setup so that beacon has PVP (like you could enable and disable beacon warps)
so you can create PVP arena’s

never mind me, this came to mind like instant while working on a bridge, weird right?
thought i wanted to share this ^_^*


sounds cool to me - kind of PvP promoting teamwork for sure :sunglasses:

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