Something needs to be done about lava towers

I don’t know if the boundless community considers the action of making towers of lava that go from sea level to sky limit griefing, but I certainly think it is so. This is clearly made to bother other citizens. Here is something that has been going on on Raxxa for a while:

These can be seen from all over Raxxa and the user refused to lower his/her first tower when asked by TopazMoon. Now a second one popped up and a single row of block to the sky. This user wants to be seen and doesn’t care about what others think.

We ALL have to put up with builds or some things we dont like its supposed to be a sandbox game. I personally have sky things near me I dont like but thats the plotters vision who am I to say he/she cant build that? What if maybe they hate mine too?

If this person is trolling (and he may be) you basically have given him/her the infamy he may indeed crave. People who do troll in this game are for the most part bored and I find they usually quit soon enough. However we set a dangerous precedent if we start down the path of whats a proper and improper build, because maybe me and you may end up on the receiving end of ridicule.

TLDR Ignore him/her

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