Something wrongs with my beacons

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I’ve placed down 21 beacons (did place down 22) but my beacon plotter has claimed the last 3 chunks on its own (without use of a beacon), and it wont let me get rid of them. when removing my 22nd beacon to put into a plotter claimed chunk to try and get rid of it, it tells me “No plot selected”. I can’t place my 22nd beacon back down in its normal place anymore because the chunk it used to be in apparently isn’t a plot anymore. (Says “No plot selected”).

Could you post a screenshot of the layout so that we can see what’s going on?

I think I understand what is going on here. Did you place some beacons in the previous world before the wipe? If so, we will reset the beacon count so you get all 24 beacon allowance back. We hop to do this tomorrow (Tuesday).

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Hi, thanks. But i dont remember using beacons before the wipe. And I dont think a screen shot will help much, theres a lot of beacons of mine all over the place. ^^

Has your beacon count been set to zero now?

Yes, they have been reset. but the portal to eu1 is down, so i can’t get back to my house to place them down again

You can directly portal to worlds in the pause menu. Unless the whole world is down, that is.

Yeah the whole world is down aha