Sometimes I think we all forget how beautiful Boundless truly is!

Sometimes I think we all forget how beautiful Boundless truly is! Be sure to take a moment during your busy day to just Enjoy the View!

Post yours!!!

Here is a distant view of the capital of Biitula’s Arch of Axon.


Different way around for me. Sometimes I think I forget how much there is to do in game.

I often forget what I logged in for, as I get too busy enjoying views, weather effects etc. or talking to people. I even manage to stop and admire when on exo worlds - letting strength brew and persisting pie wear off while being idle.

I need to be focused more on doing things rather than watching the views haha.

Like yesterday when going past a hub, I noticed the sun over the top of a glass pyramid (and a few minutes later I couldn’t recall where I was going to):

Few more screenies from last week (gathering seeds, building a settlement, stopped in my tracks by a nightfall):


You still working on Ashenvale? I assume

Yes. Finishing market area now.
Most of old beacons has been removed or expired so we control most of the old city center now and can move forward.

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This is from a little bit back, but every day I always am seeing things, both scenery and citizen-made, that take my breath away… :slight_smile:


Your absolutely right! It is nice to take a minute or forty to sit back and remind ourselves how beautiful boundless truly is!

[Points around at the people in the forum room] you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful, and you’re beautiful, and you are, you definitely are beautiful…heck, ALL OF YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!


I agree. Boundless is the best!

HAHA :crazy_face: NMS wins that award

Shedu Tier Sunrise