Sony's new subscription service going live in June - details here

Going to OT this since we don’t know the status of Boundless with regards to this yet. Glad that the price of Essentials isn’t double now like an earlier leak indicated… I may just stick with that level, ALL depends on the games for me, how many different ones from on Now currently. I do love Game Pass, and if this has enough unique offerings, it would be a nice compliment to it.

I’ve kept harping on Boundless with this since I truly do see it as a hugely viable potential lifeline to keep things going. It is already a complete game ready to go, and IMO better than some Game Pass offerings (don’t get me started on my Astroneer experience, lol…). The Sony execs are going to want to see subs, and interest. Even if we lose a larger % of players who try than we do now (being included as part of a package, people may give it less time), Boundless has the advantage of looking very intriguing at a glance (which is what most potential subscribers will do), it will catch people’s eyes and get clicks - free MMO with Minecraft type building elements with a $40 price tag normally.

If it does happen Boundless gets on, I’ll do all I can to help plug on social media. I posted in another thread, but Game Pass is huge for indies as far as revenue and players. This could bring in enough who stay - and enough regular new players - to keep things viable. Due to lack of sales/exposure, it would also likely be most who see it - if offered - will have had no prior knowledge of it.

Anyways, tangent of mine again aside, a thread for the info on the service and any discussion.