Soo.. I updated my drives then my screen went black plz help

I know you helped me before and i know you guys can do it again. So yeah i knew i had outdated drivers so i installed a driver updated program called driver boost Looked nice. I opened it the program scanned and sad i had 13 outdated drivers so i clicked update and it started installing driver after driver. After waiting an Hr it installed about half of em then the screen went black and it flickered a sec or 2 after 2HRS now it has Been black for about 9 hrs and idk what to do. Im on a hp laptop wiht amd stuff

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Tried that but dident really get eny help from that

They are talking about if i have a visible mouse at the black screen wich i dont

I guess you have a switchable graphics system? I have an HP laptop with AMD too and recently my driver crashed and I can’t install any of them (tried several versions), so I’m stuck with Intel HD thingy for now.

If that’s your case:
Turn your laptop off, if Windows will freeze at boot screen (with Windows logo on it), reboot again and disable the “Special Features” in BIOS (it’s related to switchable graphics option). Then you should boot with only Intel HD enabled (if you have Intel/AMD switching, of course). You can try to remove the driver using “Display Driver Uninstaller” from Safe Mode and try to install other version (maybe leshcat’s modded drivers for example).

I uninstalled the drivers and now is it working thanks