Soo.... remember back when we had to use Beacons to compensate for the short Location list?

Yeah… that was the days… the gleam club was glorius add on… could use beacons as your new location to warp back to. (these were the pre-days before “Warp Home”… )

Sooooo reminder to sort through the old beacon list… and maybe clean out some of the old 1x1 beacon warp spots :smiley:
I am certainly finding some of my own still out there -.- sorry! I thought I had cleaned out the majority of them already… shall get back to the Summer clean up then. The world / area certainly grew up around some of my old spots :slight_smile: So figured maybe shout out to the other Beacon-warpers from back then… lets clean up a bit…

Not to mention less beacons on your list… less horror to sort through when you need to warp to them… still waiting on a sort option here @James … :-p ABC sort etc ?

Places Menu:

  • Beacon List: It has a search box, ABC sorted
  • Location List: It has a search box, ABC sorted

Warp Blocks pick target:

  • Beacon list: It has… a chaos of no sorting, and no search box…
  • Location list: ABC sorted

WTB Abc sorting to the beacon list when picking warp target… and if we are lucky… add search like there is on the Places menu to the WARP block target :slight_smile:


No way to search box your friend list for warps either, though you can search box on the regular friend list.

Would definitely be nice QoL additions