Sorting out inventory for only item you want to receive from mining, hunting, cutting trees, other stuff

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you can sort out inventory with multiple items like how request baskets you place the item in it and it shows those items. you can accept or deny the item from not goin in your inventory. like spical rocks or only ores or fossils or Ancient stuff or grass seeds or only blood, oorts, eyes, trophys, shards or just sap so you don’t collect the wood. also good so you don’t collect the blocks behind it. this feature will be really helpful for exoworlds.


Technically you can already but manually :wink:

If you create ss from 9 of said item (3x3 box fill it with 1 item of each slot of the smart stack)
Preventing an other item to stack. To do it you will need a stack and 9 of the item you want o lock so you create the ss menu. Just spread out the 9 to an additional slot end move out the stack then you can spread out the 9 blocks over the ss (menu) creating a ss of 9 single items :wink:.

That said the option to do this in the way you asked would be a great option to have :wink:

(Im a swiffer meaning ill probably return for 1 single item :wink:)

This is what I do.

While possible to create something like this it doesn’t really make a lot of sense, but they could have a filter with a dropdown that stated Single Stack versus Multiple Stack and allow all inventory slots to stack 1 item or multiple.

I don’t know that it is that necessary though. It may save me 30 secs or so versus manually doing this.