Sound: Bugs? Why did it have to be bugs?

Poor Indiana Jones references aside, has anyone else heard the drone of flies on Kovah (or other worlds) during the daytime? I usually play with Pandora in the background but I noticed this today when I forgot to turn Pandora on. I’m in the middle of the mountains, so it’s a bit disconcerting and gets kind of old after a while. I don’t mind the peaceful grasshopper sound, but the sound of hundreds of flies buzzing is bothersome at best (really not a fan of winged insects here).

Anyone else have any experience with this or any thoughts?

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I didn’t hear an overwhelming amount of buzzing bug noise on my last visit to Kovah. I’ll go check another forested world to determine if it’s different there.

Like I said, I’m in the mountains, so maybe check there too? Also to be fair my volume is up pretty high.

It’s a time of day thing

Hmm. Then this thread turns into a gathering others’ feedback thread. Personally I don’t mind the grasshoppers or birds. But the flies make me grind my teeth haha. I’m guessing many haven’t noticed it, but of those who have, does it bother you too?

I don’t know where the mountains are on Kovah, but I’ll check out Vaisier. Any particular time of day it’s really loud?

Hmm, I’ll login in a minute and check with the ctrl + # options.

ctrl + any number 4-7 seem to do it for me. Sounds like birds and a swarm of flies.

Birds I got, but the flies just weren’t quite that strong. I wonder if my tinnitus isn’t masking it. The birds I hear because they’re not continuous, but a low-level constant drone from insects would probably come in below what I ‘hear’ from my tinnitus.

I think a nice relaxed in game sound track would greatly reduce how noticeable the ambient sounds like the insects are.

Hopefully. Although hopefully in the sound options players will be able to turn the music off if they want, in which case it may be nice to have a modified ambient sound track. Of course, this is all minor, I was just curious if anyone else was as bothered by it as me, but it seems not.

I also noted that it disappears when I reach a certain y coordinate going cave-diving. As this is probably where I’ll spend most of my time in-game anyway, it should hopefully not bother me as much come release if the track ends up staying the same.

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I always turn off game sound tracks. Real life doesn’t have a sound track.

The ambient noises are cool, though. Real life has ambient noises.


You don’t have a sound track? Dude, that’s not normal.


Some games have good OSTs, others bad ones … I keep those which are good and use Foobar (mp3-player) for the rest ^^

I can’t have a sound track. Ear buds make my ears itch.