Sound effects in Oort

I created this topic because I’m interested in what kind of sound effects you would like to hear in Oort.
I had in mind the crunchy sound of walking on fresh snow.

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Yeah I noticed that the sound effects are kinda universal no matter where you go. Everything just kinda sounds like a jungle or a cave, no matter the climate. We need different types of ambient for different worlds- a snow world should not sound the same as a jungle world.

For walking/running at least there should be a fixed sound per type of underground like for solid rock/stone, wood, sand, dirt, snow, swamp, grass and the leafs of trees. I also would like to have ambient sounds like the wind, the trees in the woods, birds singing or a howling in caves with monsters.

Ambient sounds play a big role in games, especially in those you are experience from the near for long (I wouldn’t mind such a topic like the sound of walking in a fast paced shooter for example).

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