Sovereign complete color randomization option on generation form

Might have been suggested before, but will put out a thread while thinking of it. Have a “Completely Random Color Palette” option on the sovereign world generation form.

Yep, it will probably generate complete :face_vomiting:-worthy eyesores mostly. But with the world control, can completely change so won’t stay that way long. And will give us the option to get a true 1 in 255 shot when we roll on everything, so we could take it and know what odds we are looking at if trying for colors. Would encourage some more rolling on my part, too… more money for you, more colors for us… we all win! :wink:


Hmm, sound like some one wants a better chance at unlocking white rock :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried petitioning for exactly this when Soverigns were in the Testing Phase, and James and the crew are hell-bent on sticking to using their stupid color-choosing algorithms they’ve got that bias certain colors more than others… Good luck with this one.


I’m hoping perhaps now that they’ve seen how I and several others are willing to throw money at it and really enjoy trying for new colors, perhaps that might tempt them to reconsider? I mean, I even surprised myself with how much I like to just roll them. :joy: I think this would increase the appeal, possibly a fairly easy change to generate more revenue.

My suspicion is that many besides myself would take the totally random option to have the chance to roll new colors, then just fix the resulting mess on the world control. Let’s put it to a poll, maybe that could give them some data to work with.

  • I would choose to let at least some purchased worlds have totally random colors, if an option.
  • I would not choose an option for random colors on my worlds.

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I’d happily roll completely random colours. I change colours of things regularly anyway, if I want a specific colour for a project, etc. With the world control you can easily fix anything you don’t like.

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I roll random colors and biomes on my sov. Planets already

The colors aren’t totally random though - some aren’t possible at all and different types of worlds favor certain colors. One of the devs pointed out that removing those constraints would create true eyesores… which I agree with, shouldn’t do that on exos. But SHOULD have the option on sovereigns, where we could change them after we roll, but also, then if we take that option know the actual odds for each block on the colors.


I think if there is an option to roll or not roll random colors that would be ok with me.

For me personally, I don’t plan to roll a ton of planets, but over time I could see myself with 5 or so. I currently have access to 4 2 are mine and 2 are a guildmates. I like the ability to change the colors when I want and the ability to open them up to the public.

I do see where there are some people that might be an exception like @bucfanpaka and @Soju-VB and I am sure many others that might benefit from this and roll many planets.

I think something I would like to see is what is and isn’t possible and maybe some data that shows the chances on colors and how to best maximize the chances of getting those.

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