Sovereign Planet Owners


This is not some new idea but i am puzzled I didnt see it widely implemented even though sovereigns have been around for some time.

I am sure we all want more than gleam out of the sovereigns but due to time restrictions, we focus on gleam. I am also sure some of us like some unique colors of flowers or grass for example especially from planets that aren’t staying for long.

Am I the only one who thinks it’d be really convenient and time-saving to have sovereign planet owners sell their local items next to the portal that leads to their planets (assuming they want to)? You can even only sell what you think others might find exotic and interesting… black grass… hot red flowers… white sand…etc.

I’d be happy to jump on, buy the items, and fly to another planet (assuming prices are reasonable).

What do you all think?


have definitely seen this on quite a few planets e.g. @econodog’s gobbledigook (cheers for the gravel) and it is very useful :slight_smile:


It would be helpful if there was a post like the gleam post if others wanted other things. Since it takes so long to gather everything. I wouldn’t mind collecting and selling, but would prefer to know what colors people are looking for.

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yea, I plan to make a ‘local stuff shop’ eventually
right now I need a somewhat presentable multi purpose building, so it will take a bit


have loved seeing this kinda thing on permanent planets (eg. Boori Landscaping) so would great to see this happen on sovereigns.

Maybe some enterprising oort could offer a service to set up, stock and run a local produce shop for worlds…

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Looking forward to seeing Apt’s definition of “somewhat presentable”


haha :sob: :sob: :sob:


@ellyphant I started with a more conservative building, so it can be finished soon, but it still needs a roof. and I get distracted a lot :smiley:

I’ll do an improvised local stuff shop placeholder today with mainly rock

but I wonder, what should the prices be ?
it is a bit fancier than perma, but not really exo (for materials that are easy to farm)

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For me. I already got way to much going on too collect stuff to sell. I am to greedy. I rather set up request baskets and let people earn money on high resource planets.

I have something like this set up at my little Sovereign hub on Alcyon - but I haven’t put much out yet, especially not blocks from the worlds, haven’t gotten to that yet, but it is in the plans! :slight_smile: