Sovereign problem 😒

Can someone explain why I can’t access my reclaim from my sovereign idk if my sovereign went down portal shows locked. I bought fuel an didn’t even get the fuel for it either :neutral_face:

Best is to mail

Will be locked for 2 weeks then I believe reclaim becomes available. Unless you fuel the planet again.

The key for redeeming the fuel comes in the email you use to make the purchase. Then you go in and redeem it in the shop tab and tell the game which planet to apply it to.

you cannot access your reclaim if it is on a locked world, you mentioned that the portal showed locked, does it say the planet is locked but the portal is still active?

then you have 2 options

  • manually reclaim the beacon that has your active reclaim open, it will just go into reclaim again
  • or fuel the planet to access it

if so you can remotely reclaim your beacon on a locked planet see below

if you did not get the fuel code (also check the spam folder) then send a support mail to, and I’m sure they will be able to help you out.

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