Sovereign QoL Feature Poll

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I will say we understand that if the planet is guild aligned you can set a guild member as a guild worker to give them plotting rights. However this is not really always desirable.

In our guild guild worker is earned by being active and contributing to the guild, it’s members and earning trust. Why? Because guild builders have the ability to destroy blocks on guild aligned beacons, take things from shelves and chests.

To that end, I think there should be a feature where the owner of the planet can give other members of the aligned guild the ability to modify the player permissions on the planet and force reclaim if need be. It could even be a permission applied to guild Executives. Because if you can’t trust someone they shouldn’t be an exec anyways.

So what does everyone think:

Should sovereign owners have the ability to allow members of the planet aligned guild permissions to manage planet player permissions?

(If you say no give a short reason please)

  • Yes
  • No
  • No Opinion

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We need 2 new permissions for sovereign worlds at the guild level

The problem with the guild permissions at the planet level is being tied to the guild permissions at the plot level means you have this inconsistent level of access…

being able to break blocks on a planet vs being able to break blocks on a guild controlled plot are two completely different levels of trust/access that i would give some one.

equally being able to claim a plot for my own and being able to take items in side of containers… again two inconsistent levels of trust…

So basically if you were using guild controlled plots for whatever reason and you start adding roles to members so they can access planet permissions if anyone was using the permissions the way the originally implemented theyre going to have a bad time with their guild plots when random members have more permissions then intended.

Im honestly surprised claiming plots on a sovereign world didnt require something stupid like being a guild controller